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Sucre branch of the Honda Hi-Store where they sell various Honda motorbikes and parts.


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Came here for tires and waited 30 minutes for service and no one to talk to us. I then lost patience and went to the back store myself to check inventory of tires the service was so bad(inexistent).

Place deserted - no parts person on floor.

They did not have any big bikes tires but they seem to have a decent inventory of brake pads, chains and even a few motorcycle luggage options(givi plastic top cases, givi outback metal topcase and wolfman soft luggage)

After I convinced the sales lady to look thru the inventory of brake pads myself I found rear pads for my dl650 for 22$US (they also had OEM suzuki rear pads for 85$US

Note: They seem to carry a few OEM parts for Yamaha and Suzuki even though they are a Honda dealer only.

Worth looking into if you are in a pinch but you may have to be a little persuasive/creative to get help in the repuesto dept.


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Sucre branch of the Honda Hi-Store where they sell various Honda motorbikes and parts.

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