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4 months ago
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Big parking lot. Very quiet at night. A few rv's around. Shop closes at 11pm.


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Very nice and quiet. Haven’t had anyone bother me. Lots of other car / rv dwellers here too.

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Stayed overnight on a Tuesday. Parked on the side of the garden center. very quiet and private with a wall behind our camper. would definitely recommend!

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Je n'y suis passé qu'en journée, c'était déjà très insecurisant. Je n'imagine même pas la nuit... Je déconseille

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Crazy drivers racing up and down the parking lot doing burnouts, etc. Be careful in here. Appears to be no law-enforcement. After a few hours, it stopped around 3AM. Good luck sleeping through that. The only thing missing is somebody with checkered race flags, declaring the winner. Perhaps NASCAR should be alerted they could hold races here. Walmart West do better.

Edit This was Friday night so the date may not be accurate. I was talking to a Navajo man who spent three days in the parking lot. He told me people just come in their cars and they sit there all day long. What are they doing? Be careful here. He told me other things I can’t say here, but I would rate this place-very unsafe.

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Called ahead and confirmed overnight parking is allowed, was told to park in the back. I agree with another reviewer about the crazy drivers buzzing all over the lot. I wasn't bothered at all and slept well. A few others overnight as well.
At first I went to the other Walmart, but didn't feel safe there. From my experience I would recommend this one.

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Quartier très peu recommandable autant par le policier avec qui ns avons discuté qu’avec nos observations que par la dame du camping qui ns suggère d’aller à celui de l’est.
Celui de Farmington-est serait mieux, mais à 9h30 le soir ns avons décidé de quitter pour un camping vu un malaise après qu’un véhicule soit venu se stationner derrière nous, nous empêchant de reculer…

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Great Walmart to stay at and shop with the exception of filling your water containers. Their water machine does not work and hasn’t. We have stayed here multiple times when we come back to Farmington after little off trips. Be aware of where you park. People drive crazily and very fast through the parking lot and in NM in general. They have very little regard for you or your vehicle. We try to stay in a spot that is not completely open because we were almost hit by cars the first night we slept here. Other than that, great spot.

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Nice and clean Walmart, and very busy.
If you’re in a camper that can fit into a regular parking spot, I suggest parking by the garden center and shipping containers on the side of the building.. it’s more quiet and private.
I woke up around 0100 and saw some characters roaming around the main large parking lot playing with plastic bags. They also scattered a bunch of shopping carts in the middle of the driving aisles.
The cleaning truck was also driving around at 0100 on a Wed morning and spraying cleaning solution but with earplugs in, it wasn’t that loud.
Always an adventure ;)

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great spot for a night. quiet. spotless store. friendly staff.very kind.

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Nice, another walmart in the list. Muy tranquilo por la noche. A lot of Rv`s over parking here

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Big parking lot. Very quiet at night. A few rv's around. Shop is open 24/7.

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