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9 months ago
990.3 masl


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Very fun but rough road still cut off by snow in mid April.
No way through in wintertime for motorcycle or cars.


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We drove the first week of November from Batumi to Vardzia. It’s a great drive. Around Adigeni the road is very bad indeed. Bumps and holes and unpaved. Mud sand and water. We drive a 4x4 and have not used it once. Along the way you will see many Ford Transit vans packed with goods and passengers. So 4x4 is really not necessary (early November). It is a great route that I can recommend to any overlander.

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Yes, we confirmed, the description!
We driving an, 4x4. From the turf border to GODORCI-PASS,, in 7.hours. On the top you will find a restaurant in a Wooden House, the onwerin speaks English , delicious eating for 60. lari.

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Just so you know, the pavement resumes around Chulo, some 75k down the road. It is quite a gorgeous drive though.

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We did this road end of April with no problems. But: the road is very bumpy, narrow and sometime very muddy.
Our vehicle is 7.5m long, 7t weight but 6x6 Wheel. AND it was a sunny day!!!

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Very fun but rough road still cut off by snow in mid April.
No way through for motorcycle or cars.

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