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What a wonderful place! You can watch the baby elephants being fed and might get a chance to pet them over the fence.

It’s quite difficult to get here and there are no signs but it’s worth it. Road is sandy but passable, not sure 4x4 is necessary in dry season, big rigs fit too.

They have no camping facilities (just toilet) but are building some bandas.

$30 USD per person for foreign visitors
Ksh 300 per person for Kenyan residents
Exclusive visits: $500 USD per group and conservation fee of $20 USD per person for non-residents.
Land line: 0772 688 943


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8.30 am - 10.00 am
11.30 am - 13.00 pm

It is important that you arrive promptly at 8.30 am or 11.30 am for the full experience. We ask that you wear dark green if possible, otherwise shades of brown or khaki.

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20$ pp entry for the Sanctuary

Didnt used both services

small road leading from here to Wamba

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Elephant sanctuary funded by San Diego Zoo. No other visitors and you are welcome to stay for as long as you like. You can join most feedings that take place every 3 hours. There were 20 baby elephants when we visited. Fees is still 20 usdlr pp
Interesting entry road through some colorful traditional villages. there is a sign at the main road but the road itself is not always easy to follow.

New management does not give you permission you to wild camp in their area ( at elephant rock) anymore. For camping at the sanctuary they charge 50 usdlr. You will get access to one of the banda’s with clean flushing toilet and spacious cold shower. We did not try but you can also join the staff for breakfast, lunch or dinner ( did not check price)

We loved it here

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This small Elephant sanctuary is home to about 12 baby elephants. You can visit the sanctuary to witness a feeding during which the curious elephants will come over and investigate you with their trunks (you can touch them).

The place is not very well organised yet but hopefully this info will help you. If you turn up without notice that is okay but you may not be able to camp. Best is to give 24hrs notice if you want to camp. Alternatively you can stay at the nearby wild camp I pinned without notice.

The fee for visiting is 20 USD pp but they will accept Shillings, USD, and Euros. You will be expected to pay this whether you witness an elephant feeding or not.

Elephant feedings start at midnight and are every 3 hours exactly, they are very punctual and do not wait. Feedings last about 15 minutes then you can be shown their milk formula being prepared. You can stay for as many feedings as you like it seems but I don't think they allow viewings for the night time feedings.

We arrived at 4pm, waited until 6pm to watch a feeding, camped overnight, then returned for the 9am feeding. The elephants are roaming around all the time and came to say hi as we were having our morning coffee. All for 20 USD pp.

There are no signs here so we pinned the turnoff from the main road. When you pass under the pylons keep right (don't follow the pylons) but look at the tracks and use common sense.

The number to call to give notice is 0740805755. We are self sufficient and camping was free but it seems we were the first and we didn't need any facilities (big rig). They may charge if you need access to toilets etc.

Support these hungry creatures by visiting.

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What a wonderful place! You can watch the elephants being fed and might get a chance to pet them through a fence.
It’s quite difficult to get here and there are no signs but it’s worth it. It’s necessary to book in advance. We were able to get in touch via Facebook. Make sure to ask for directions, it’s maybe 15km west of Sereolipi on a dirt track. (4x4 needed, at least in the wet season)

Camping may be possible in the surrounding area, if asked in advance.

$20 pp

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