Banco Santa Cruz ATM | Financial



Last Visited: about 2 years ago
GPS: -49.33379, -72.88342
Altitude: 394.8 masl


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ATM Banco Santa Cruz at the Bus Terminal
Be aware at sometimes there are not money.


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bon courage pour avoir des billets ! je recommande vivement de retirer avant d'arriver dans cette ville !

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Be aware at some times there are no money.

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We were able to withdraw with our US Schwab debut cards. Three withdrawals of 4000 pesos each time. Fees are 231 pesos a time!

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ATM's - there are two here - were not dispensing cash today.....

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Was able to get cash with Revolut VISA card, the fee was 229 ARS, single withdrawal limited to 2000 ARS.

There are some ATMs outside of bus terminal and one inside (on the right).

The same card did not work in Gobernador Gregores so it's worth to try Your luck here.

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No cash in the ATM. I was told there hasn't been any all week. American Visa doesn't work at the restaurants. American Express did. El Chalten is expensive, very crowded. after 15 places, finally found a room to stay for only two days. Can't wait to get out of here.

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We were able to withdraw money with our Belgian debit card. We were surprised because it didn't work in Gobernador Gregores

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No problem to get cash today with VISA from German DKB-Bank, fee was 133 pesos

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This information is not correct. The ATMs of Banco Santa Cruz seem very selective about foreign credit cards, but there is no general region lock. We were able to withdraw money at several ATMs with a VISA card from a German bank. HOWEVER, some ATMs denied the request. Therefore, there is probably only a problem with some ATMs of Banco Santo Cruz instead of the bank in general. Nonetheless, carry enough money with you, just in case.

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ATM Banco Santa Cruz at the Bus Terminal

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