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4 months ago
27.8 masl


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Some caves in the forest. Nice walk. Only on low tide.


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We parked in front of the cafe across the street then walked up the little road next to the cafe to the beach, then turn right and walk on the beach to head to the caves trail. There is a sign on the beach. The caves themselves are ok, there are a few bats sleeping in there. The trail is slippery but nicely done. The beach is nice to walk on. You don't have to wait for low tide, just don't go at super high tide.

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Nice 15min walk/hike. Go down the beach over the stones and then you will see a sign (senderi caves) go in right, then walk a bit further and you will have 2 ways. Pick the right onces. And bring a flashlight for the caves

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OsmAnd claims there are rock drawings (“Arte Rupestre”) around here too, but we did not find those. Bring a flashlight

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Some caves in the forest. Nice walk. Only on low tide.

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