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4 months ago
1297.3 masl


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This is the last fuel station en route to Peru. You can get as much fuel as you need at national price. We recommend filling up in Vilcabamba just to be sure if you want to pay the less expensive rate (fuel costs in Peru are reportedly MUCH higher than in Ecuador).

They will not accept USD $50 or $100 notes. Bank in town will change them (reluctantly)


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Still selling gas and still the last stop. Enjoy!

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just filled up our had bottle for our stove. they had no super, only extra

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No restrictions today. They only accept cash so bring some and you can fill up one last time before Peru. We recommend.

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No restriction today
We could fill up our 3 tanks with 45 gallons of diesel at 1.037 par gallon

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neither atm in town accepted our 6 bank cards and this place only takes cash. get cash in vilacabamba before coming here!

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They don't have Super, just the regular one. When we arrived at 6PM on 12 of Feb, gas station was closed with yellow tape and a police car was there to tell everybody who asked that the gas is going to be only in 18 hours. So, we stayed in Calem Hotel and waited till morning to get the fuel. You can pay only cash, they don't accept cards. Can't confirm the 20gallons limit per car, since we drive 4Runner.

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Only 20 gallones per car! But the price was the same like in other towns in Ecuador.

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Open for business, selling the sweet cheap gas Ecuador is known for.

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no issues getting fuel here as much as you need. it’s a normal nice fuel station with nice bathrooms as well as air and water for vehicles. same price as all of ecuador

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Was not able to buy disel from here. Last spot to buy was a small town called Palanda. 1,50 for a gallon of diesel there. If you gead towards Peru then its a small place right after you exit the town on the right side. They have big sign “inflamables”

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Diesel and petrol withour restrictions for us!

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Diesel at US$1.02 per US Gallon. No limit on purchase.
Water available to fill camper tanks.

NB will try to correct the position as the one given here is too close to town and on the wrong side

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This is the last fuel station en route to Peru. We were told that we could not buy more than $10 worth of fuel here. Even though we were able to convince them to fill our tank, we recommend filling up in Vilcabamba if you want to pay the less expensive rate (fuel costs in Peru are reportedly MUCH higher than in Ecuador).

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