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about 1 year ago
5.7 masl


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Good local traditional food , very very good and better price than an another place . nice family. locally owned.


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Restaurant is closed and will not be open again.

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we where disapointed with the food. plus owners where not very welcoming. good wifi.
But if you think this is cheap you have been going to the wrong places. this is a more expensive joint.
would not recommend.

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Lovely local place with the beat fry jacks ive had. breakfast is standard prices. we paid $30Blz for our breakfast. and $10Blz for a fresh blended watermelon juice. very nice find. coffee was good. we drank practically her whole pot and she only charged us an extra one cup. the cabanas on the beach were really lovely to sit and eat and listen to the ocean.

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We slept on the beach and decided to come here for breakfast. We had a Belizean breakfast of fryjacks an fish with beans an salsa. and of course coffee. everything was delicious. the fryjacks especially. we also had the fresh watermelon juice which was so delicious we could have drank a jug of it. breakfast was 15blz coffee an juice 4blz. very reasonable and delicious and local.

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 16.86042, -88.28277

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Good local traditionnal food , very very good and better price than an another place . nice family

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