Lavandería Cote | Laundromat



6 months ago
280.3 masl
Esben Bøll


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It is not cheap, but they do a good job. Only a small sign in the window, saying Laundry service. They have a washing machine. No dryer. I got to use my own soap (hipoalergénico), because I am allergic to perfume. 3500 pesos per kilo. We had two bags of clothes in total 6-7 kilos. The nice elderly lady said first 18000 pesos, but after negotiating we agreed on 12000 pesos for both bags. I turned in the laundry at 5 pm and could pick it up the next day at 11 am. I helped with the folding. They hang the clothes to dry in their house, because it was raining, no problem. We think it is the only laundry service in town.
Cellphone (if you speak Spanish) 962203642. We just stopped by and knocked on the door.


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3500 per kilo. Friendly young guy, was ready next day - BUT, he forgot all the pants and some shirts, we were in a hurry and noticed it too late, already an hour south. He arranged immediately to be delivered the next day to cochrane. So, I dont know if recomendable, check the bag you get I guess

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We called this number and got the lavanderia +56997873298.
Laundry was done the same day

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Still 3500 for a kilo. We dropped a little less than a kilo at 10 am and she tell us to come back at 7pm but we asked for 5pm and she accepted. She made us pay 3000 instead of 3350 which was the exact price for the weight. Expensive but well washed and same day service.

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Asked for 3500 per kilo and kicked us out when we hesitated too long. The most expensive we had for a “next day” service!

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Very expensive, left our clothes there and found out that in Bellavista camping you can get your laundry done for 5000 (1 machine) while here is 3500 per kilo, we had to pay 22000.

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