Cerro Pelon | Informal Campsite

El Salvador


6 months ago
61.0 masl


Running Water
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This is a hotel but has a large secure parking lot for a couple of RVs. As of March 2022 it’s $20 for the room and $10 extra for A/C. Just for van parking, you can try to negotiate down to $15.
If you see the lady preparing tortillas, ask her to sell you a few of them, those are the best tortillas in central America


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This is a cockroach/mouse infested hotel that locals use for extra marital affairs. That being said, it is one of the few options for overland vehicle parking. At the unbelievably high price of $20 you’ll have access to a room. For a room with A/C it is $30. I don’t recommend staying in the actual rooms. Just use the bathroom for what you need and stay in your van. The family that runs the place is nice. This is their livelihood. Ok for one night but we were happy to move on to the border the next day.

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OK place for the night before crossing. A room is $20 and jus to camp with use of a dingy corner shower/toilet room is $15.

Surprisingly the parking lot does sort of fill up when we were there.

Note: when we arrived, a fluent English speaking Salvadorian came into the lot to ask if we were crossing the border. He proceeded to call his “brother” to let him know we might need help crossing the next day. Asked for my name and time we l’d cross. The next day, his brother approaches us at the TIP return location. We waived him off (you really don’t need any helpers at this border, but there are many of them here). But that was our only wowed experience while staying here.

Parking/garden lot is peaceful. There is no height restriction to enter the hotel lot, but if you’re longer than 25ft, you may have difficulty turning around inside and simply have to back out.

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Good place and secure nearby the border. Owner is not specially friendly but let us use shower in a room of the hotel. Also gave us electricity for the night. Quite expensive (15 USD) for what they offer.

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We wanted to stay one night in the shadowless yard. They wanted $15, with bathroom $20. We searched for the flower nursery and stayed there for free

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We tried to find the flower place but it is either not there anymore or we missed it so we are at the hotel. 15 U S to set up our camper for the night in the court yard. Shower and toilet to use. Will be good for an early start to the border. There are also roasters so they will get us up in the morning or keep us awake allnight.

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Stayed here before crossing the boarder as the puma gas station seemed sketchy to us. Paid 15 so quite expensive! Large gated lot with room for very large rigs.

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Paid $20 for a room without a/c. It’s clean but don’t expect something special. A bit overpriced but close to the border.

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Hotel San Carlos, Good place to park for the night after crossing the border. Small fully gated hotel, very clean. We are in a 26 foot RV and were able to make it inside and park. 10 point turn to turn around but was doable. Nice owner, we paid $30 USD for the night but were able to plug into electricity from her house and enjoyed having a fan on all night.

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Safe convenient place to sleep before crossing 2 borders in one day. Clean bathrooms, shower. (They just open up one of the hotel rooms for you to use for a bathroom).

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they asked us 15 dollars to stay in our RV for the night.
no wifi
only use of dirty shower and toilets.
overpriced !!
we stayed.there because we wanted a gated parking lot due to our windows issues...
i wouldn't recommend it.

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It is a hotel but has a large secure parking lot for a couple of rv's

$15 for double room + $5 for the AC
If you see the lady preparing tortillas, ask her to sell you a few of them, those are the best tortillas in central America

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