Brazilian Consulate | Consulate / Embassy



Last Visited: about 6 years ago
GPS: -33.69369, -53.45017
Altitude: 11.0 masl


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The Belgian and the Aussie

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Efficient and fast processing of visa applications for those needing it. Visit before visiting to complete, and print, the required paperwork. They only take cash in Uruguayan pesos.


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Open 9am-3pm weekdays. Very easy visa processing. Friendly guy. Spoke English and was so helpful. Must fill in and print an online form first at Australians need: the online form, photo, proof of car ownership (or proof of onward travel out of brazil), a bank or credit card statement proving you have access to at least $80us per day and you have to pay in Uruguayan pesos - for Australians this was 4320 pesos per person. Obviously if you are not Australian these requirements may vary. In any case, we were able to complete the forms on wifi at the gas station, and print at the tourist office. The atm on the Uruguayan side of town didn't work, but the Brazilian one did so we got Reals and converted them to pesos at a cambio place.

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After being stuffed around in Buenos Aires, not being able to get a appointment we found out about this place... Was easy we arrived at 9am, went and got copies of all the paper work needed and the guy said would be ready by 1.30 pm same day.... I would not expect this service for everybody/everyday as the sign in the office clearly says VISA 48 hrs but I guess it depends on the day and the person, but very helpful and even 48 hrs is quicker than BA!!....... The only small problems we had were accessing cash from ATM in town, our card would not work so we had to drive back out of town to the Ancap gas station and the ATM worked fine there!! Also would certainly help the process if you have all paper work ready and don't need copies etc...

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Efficient and fast processing of visa applications for those needing it.

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