Brownsberg Nature Reserve | Established Campground



Last Visited: over 2 years ago
GPS: 4.94755, -55.18223
Altitude: 510.3 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - Not at Sites
Wifi: No
Kitchen: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Cold
Water: Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: No
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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The Belgian and the Aussie

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'Stinasu' facility has campsites for motorhomes, and hammock spaces. Visiting monkeys and toucans in the campsite, and there are numerous hikes. Steep dirt road up, not advisable when wet as it gets very slippery (unless you have a decent 4x4 with good tires and experience). Watch out for great wildlife observation opportunities.


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Nice place but very humid. We also got a lot of ticks here, so be very careful. The facilities are good, the prices a little bit expensive for what you get. 35 srd pp entrance. 50 srd pp camping per night. 13 srd per car entrance. We did the walk to to Wittie Creek, total 14 kms, 5 hrs to get there and back, and there was less water in the creek.

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Expensive for night, with etrance, but 2 u only pay 100srd for camping, basic facilities and bit rundown true. Walk nice but not spectacular, the road up is nice offroad. We enjoyed....

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Our favorite camping place in Suriname's astonishing nature. We come here in any season with a Landcruiser with AT tires. Sometimes it can be a bit challenging getting there, but with a decent 4x4 it shouldn't be a problem, not even in the rainy season. We do it in the pooring rain also. Facilities are basic and not well maintained. If you are friendly and it's not too busy, they you to pick a camp site wherever you want. Great wildlife observation opportunities. One of the 'secret spots' is the Telesur road, especially around sun set and at night.

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50 SRD per person per night and 35 SRD for entrance per person. Have a shower, bathroom and watching area very clean. The last 11 km of path were a little slippery ( we did it in 1 hour 30 min)

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Nice location and walks around the area to waterfalls. We went in the rainy season and the track was a bit muddy & slidy. A tree had fallen across the track and we had to winch it out of the way to get through. But the track was plenty wide enough & no low branches. We're 2.2m wide & 3.3m high & had plenty space. It's a bit rough in parts, but big rigs with good ground clearance shouldn't have a problem getting through.

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Open lawn in tropical forest. Well maintained ablutions, other buildings on the terrain look messy. Sand/dirt access road with many holes that will be challenging in the rainy season. Road is too small for large trucks. Electricity 110V.The campground has some nice viewpoints over the lake and various walks are set up. On top of SRD 50 camping fee per person also park access (SRD 35 per person) must be paid. The wanted to let us pay SRD 12.50 for parking, but we refused. Correct position is 4.947545,-55.18223.

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We did not see a swimmingpool ! But many animals.

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New bathroom with hot shower, nice swimmingpool, and new toilets. No tent camping only owerlanders. Price 10.50 € pr car.
Nice place to stay.

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'Stinasu' facility has campsites for motorhomes, and hammock spaces. Visiting monkeys and toucans in the campsite, and there are numerous hikes. Steep dirt road up, not advisable when wet as it gets very slippery.

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