Aussenkehr Spar | Propane



about 1 year ago
127.3 masl


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Spar Shop with basics. An okay shop to stock up food. They refill Southern African gas bottles not EU/EAC.


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We could buy airtime at peps, the lady was very helpful getting us the superaweh bundle installed. There is diesel available at the AgroMarkt east of town.

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Spar is fine for basics. No queues at ATM’s (consider the time of month/day that you go). Tops Spar Bottle store available. Airtime still available too (suggest buying the deal Mariko mentioned, it works out much cheaper!). Pep store around the corner, too.

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Still here. Good spar. ATM lines where long...

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ATMs also available and can buy airtime. 60N$ for a week with 3Gb, 700 free minutes, 1500SMS, 750Mb Facebook/Whatsapp, internet free betweek noon-6pm. Text #superaweh# to 134. Less expensive than just data which is 85N$ for 400Mb data. Also bottle store next to Spar.

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Spar Supermarket sells and refills gas bottles. Also great Supermarket to stock up food.

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