Ramada la Negrita informal camp with turtle breeding site | Informal Campsite



over 2 years ago
-11.1 masl


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We stayed 3 nights parked in front of the Palapas of Perla and her daughter Perlita. She allowed us to stay here. It is neither a restaurant nor a bar. She rented tables and chairs under the palapas on the seafront for local events, birthdays. We bought two meals that she prepared for us; warn before if you wish them to prepare food. We loved this place despite the frightening number of micro mosquitoes because it is connected to a turtle breeding place. We have participated several times in the release of baby turtles, more than fifty with the advice of Mario, a young retire who comes to monitor births on this small site. The private organization with unpretentious volunteers amazed us and our children. Not every day we help turtles to return to their natural element. Come with a mosquito product. We paid nothing to stay here, just bought two meals and a few beers. She's sells beer.


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on thé Beach and nice but now a fee

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Stayed here for 3 nights. Perla is lovely and she loves meeting travellers. We asked her if we could stay next to her restaurant and she was absolutely happy about it. It’s a public land so it’s fine to stay here. Police came every night to check but did not bother us, nobody bothered us. Perla allowed us to use water behind her restaurant and every day came to say hi. The restaurant was close for low season. Mosquitoes and sun flies are terrible. We would get into the van at 18hs and stay there until 9:30 am next day. We hated this so we left one day earlier than expected as we couldn’t deal with the sunflies and other weird bugs situation any more. We look like we have chicken pox! But besides that, town is beautiful, Perla and her family are the best and it’s very safe.

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Perla and Perlita are very welcoming and they love meet travelers. The place is under a palapa. Front of the beach. There is pit toilets and clear water with bucket.
You can buy some beers and soda. Fresh and quiet night, but lot of sunflight after 6pm... No turtle in this season, but between may and septembre you can see turtle in the beach and catch baby between july and december.
Very love place ;)

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Nous sommes resté 3 nuits garé devant la palapas de Perla et sa fille Perlita . Elle nous a autorisée à rester ici . Ce n 'est ni un restaurant ,ni un bar . Elle loue des espaces tables et chaises sous la palapas en front de mer pour les locaux lors d'événements , d'anniversaires ...
Nous lui avons acheté deux repas qu'elle nous à préparer , prévenir avant si vous souhaitez lui acheté à manger . Nous avons adoré cet endroit malgré le nombre affolant de micro moustiques parce ce qu'il est collé à une maternité de tortues . Nous avons participé plusieurs fois à la libération des bébés tortugas , plus d'une cinquantaine . Avec les conseils de Mario , un jeune retraité qui vient surveiller les naissances sur ce petit site . C'est une organisation privée ,de bénévoles sans prétention mais qui nous à émerveiller nous et nos enfants . Pas tous les jours que l'on aide des tortues à retourner dans leur élément naturel. Venez avec du produit à moustique .
Top le coin pour faire un doublé crocodiles et tortugas ...;) . Nous avons rien payé pour rester ici , juste acheté deux repas et quelques bieres .
Elle vent des bieres ,

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