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5 months ago
1234.1 masl


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Five beautiful miradores in the Cañón del Sumidero. The fee is 54 pp and it’s got stunning views! There are picnic tables in some of the miradores. Closed Tuesdays


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Great views of the canyon, photo exposition /souvenir shop on the last/main lookout. 54 pesos pp

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54p entry, free if keep wristband from boat tour through canyon. Closed Tuesdays

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This place is the mirador before the main one, which is mother 500m up, at turvem-se of the road. All views are great really, but the last one is the full view.
There’s hulking possible continuing straight once you get to the last parking lot. It leads to a community 1,5km away. Nice jingle walk. If you decide to walk, keep in mind there’s a network o trails that run other places. So have a map, or don’t get lost, at least….

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Open on week ends at the moment, FRI,SAT,SUN from 0800 till 1600.
Since it’s known Covid takes the week-end off it’s safe for them to open on the week ends, right?!
Anyway, the drive is great and the views are amazing... $50 per person to get in, very quiet before 10AM

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This is closed due to the pandemic. Still closed even though all the other museums, ruins, etc in Chiapas are open. Also, don't be misled by tour operators in San Cristobal - you could "schedule" a tour with them, but we asked at the entrance to the Canon and he told us is been closed since March with no schedule to re-open.

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We drove this spectacular road with our little Mitsubishi pickup camper(3m high)-the road is in perfect condition but have an eye to the low hanging branches in some sections higher up! Better drive in the middle!
The views from the different viewpoints are breathtaking- take your time!

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No dogs allowed past the entrance gate even though we said they will stay in the car. Unclear as to why they can't proceed past the entrance if they will not leave the vehicle. Disappointing.

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Llegamos un lunes 16hs el parque cierra a ls 17hs hicimos 2 noche aquí para entrar el miércoles MARTES CERRADO. Muy seguro con guardia armado.

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Now the fee is MXN 34 but if you go to the tour boat to the Sumidero Canyon, the entrance fee to the miradores is included on ticket, valid for 24h.

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Five beautiful miradores in the Cañón del Sumidero. The fee is 32 pp and it’s got stunning views! There are picnic tables in some of the miradores.

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