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Last Visited: 8 months ago
GPS: 49.05506, -122.17933
Altitude: 12.0 masl


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Sanidumps and water. Rest area. Near Vancouver. Free Wifi.


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Free dumping site. There is a hose at the dump station, to clean your spot and equipment (a black rubber hose, no connector at the end, so you can’t connect it to your RV, if you have the connection to clean black reservoir). A few feet away there is again an other back hose with no connector for potable water. This hose is ok if you have your potable inlet on the same side as your dump outlet. Our inlet is on the other side and the hose was too short, so we hade to come back the wrong way to fill the reservoir, it wasn’t a problem since no one was waiting

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Stopped to dump our tanks after a week at Tamihi Recreation Campground. Perfect spot , also stayed for lunch.

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Good clean dump station with potable water. Long line ups on Sundays as people head back to Vancouver.

Also a possible boondocking spot - signs say no camping but there are clearly a few long-stay people set up. We stayed overnight with no problems. A bit noisy from the highway but otherwise good.

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Nice rest area with picnic table, washer rooms, one side is a river and the other side is green field! Sani dump and potable water FREE! There are few RVs there. Around noon time there is a line up! I add few pictures here!

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Nous étions ici ! Place fabuleuse, vidange et eau potable ! Fantastique parc à côté pour que nos 3 enfants puissent se dégourdir les jambes. C'était pleinnnnnnnnn ... le Cole rest area, mais nous avons trouvé cet endroit tellllllllllement pratique pour les services et le parc pour nos enfants !! Nous prenions le traversier le lendemain pour l'île ! Top là Cole rest area !

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Potable water is working again. Things are looking up!

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Water is still not working. It's getting dirty cuz of it.

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Good dump station, but potable water still not working.

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no free telus wifi
no electric plugs
no potable water (although it appears the water comes from same source for both sani and potable water taps...there is only 1 water meter)

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As described. Today July 18, 2020 potable water not working.

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Spent the night at the rest stop. Lots of signs indicating No Camping or Overnight parking but the rest area was full. About 15 RV/campers and about 10 vehicles with people sleeping in them. Free Wifi from Telus and 7 pull through sites with power. A little noise due to Hwy traffic.

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One lane dump station. Dump + potable water (you'll need and adaptor for the hose to fill your tank). No overnight camping allowed in the rest area (plenty of signs saying so).

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Sanidumps et eau potable. Rest area. Near Vancouver

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