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4 months ago
243.0 masl


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A verry nice hotel 2 km away from the main road. they let us park for 15'000 ppn. amazing view with a nice pool...we were totally alone and the owner is really nice. shower and toilets next to the pool.
Update 2023: 50k for 2 people no electricity, 70k with electricity, plus 20k to use the pool


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Same as below, wouldn’t budge on 50k for two to stay, plus 20k to use the pool. We didn’t stay.

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The hotel, restaurant and attention was perfect. We paid $35.000 (COP) by person in trailer and $10.000 (COP) for a pool by person.

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Pricing has gone up. We paid 50.000 for two in a camper. The pool costs an additional 10.000 each. Water and electric very convenient, but still think it’s pricey. Only bonus was that they let us use the washing machine for free, so that made up for it!

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We arrived late to enquire about tent camping, but unfortunately only van camping allowed in their gravel lot. The place has recently been renovated so rooms are a little pricey, owner originally asked 180 or 190(?) thousand for a large king room with A/C. Were able to negotiate to 120k COP for two per night as the place was deserted. Very much in the countryside. Had a great quiet(!) nights sleep, 2pools, meals available on request, beer and soft drinks etc. Very nice owner.
There are a lot of hotels not online down this dirt road so probably could find something something cheaper nearby, however this place is fantastic if the price isn’t an issue.

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I paid 20000 and use wifi (fast for videoconfere) bathroom, electricity and charge water. Quite place. Other guest were curious about the motorhome.

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It is a hotel with a big area for campers. Perfect place to stop one night on the road Medellin-Bogota. Open air shower with warm water. Restaurant. Friendly staff. They are getting the authorization to receive foreigners so call before arriving to be sure you can stay there. +57 321 2930597. COP15.000 per person. Quiet and safe.

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plus possible pour les étrangers en camping car

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Es un hotel con una vista muy linda y una piscina muy recomendable para niños. Pueden llegar vehículos grandes (el nuestro es 27 pies) y te brindan energía eléctrica para enchufarte. Además puedes disponer de agua si lo necesitas.
Nos cobraron Cop. 30.000 por 2 adultos y 2 niños.

Muy recomendable lugar

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This place is a little further up the track than the GPS coordinates provided suggest, it's a good 2km from the main road. The track is "destapada" as they say in Colombia, basically meaning it's a dirt track. If our lowered VW bus can make it, anyone can. Beautiful place, nice pool and they don't seem to have a problem with people rocking up in a bus and not staying in one of their 13 chalet apartments. Now has WiFi, but you need to park close to the house. Tomorrow we'll use the BBQ and go visit the waterfall San Juan.....a 5km journey on foot or by car.

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Had a quiet night here for 15,000 per person. We didn’t use the shower or the pool.

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A verry nice hotel 2 km away from the big road. they let us park for 15'000 ppn. amazing view qith a nice pool...we were totaly alone and the owner is really nice. shower and toilets next to the pool.

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