Gasolinera Tiwanaku | Fuel Station



3 months ago
3852.1 masl


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*Please see Check-ins. Gasoline may not be available.
They sold me gasoline at normal price with my drum or plastic container 3.75 x liter.
Me vendieron gasolina a precio normal con mi bidón o recipiente de plástico 3.75 x litro


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we could not get gas here because the internet was down apparently. I don't understand why this place is marked as closed, the gas station is still open.

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Didnt have gasolina this time. Only diesel...

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funciona con normalidad, precio de gasolina diferencial para extranjeros, debes negociar el precio del combustible, esto funciona si hablas español, pagamos 3.75 bol como los locales.

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Was not able to buy petrol in tank or bidon. They said they didn’t have the system to sell to foreigners and wouldn’t sell sin factura. There is a YPFB closer to the border that had signs for local rate/ international so assuming you can get fuel there. Didn’t try though

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Best price after bargening: 6 bol/l straight in the tank

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Said it's forbidden to sell into jerrycans. Paid 5 BOL at the pump without bargaining.

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Me vendieron gasolina a precio normal con mi bidón o recipiente de plástico 3.75 x litro

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