Control Fitosanitaria | Checkpoint



about 2 months ago
8.8 masl


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Fruit and vegie check heading south.
Some might check your vehicle permit.


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Check point! The guard just asked for our TIP and let us pass through. They did not ask many questions and did not look through anything at all. Very nice guy!

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Asked us for TIP only which we showed and were waved through

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They didn’t ask a thing. Just noded and here We were on the road again. There were already many cars pulled aside.

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Asked for our TIP and insurance, scanned fit for a few second then let us go right through. We drive through on a Saturday morning

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A bit across the boarder and before the toll. Got shaken down a bit. They didn’t take anything or ask for money but we got patted down and searched. Harassed a bit and searching for fake money and cannabis

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they stopped first the first one and asked where we going and passport, and said to go to the 2nd team but the 2nd just waved at us.

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Asked if we speak Spanish. nope. He said, "go". . . . .

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Southbound - Asked if we had fruit, but didn’t physically check anything, super easy

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Didn't check or ask a thing. Smile and wave.

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Didnt check for fruits & veggies. First officier told us to keep on driving. Second officier only checked for our vehicle permit and license but i think only because we opened our window and said hello (they didnt stop anyone else at the "second" checkpoint ..)

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Contrôle militaire direction nord. Ils n'arrêtaient que les poids lourds. Avec notre VR, on est passés.

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Crossed it today (sunday), they didn't ask anything to us and told us to keep going.

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