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Famous garage in Cusco to fix all sorts of cars/trucks. We had to fix the Turbo of our LR Defender. Very helpful and good knowledge. Ask for nilo Cañari, he speaks a little english.


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They moved East about 10km out of town, see new entry on iOverlander

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the coordinates of the new office location are :
S13°33'18.33", W71°52'34.76"

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We came in for several things to fix on our Chevrolet RV. It took about 2 and a half days, which seems a lot but these guys are very professional and they take time to check everything. They know pretty well what they're doing... Unfortunately one of the spare parts we need are impossible to find in Peru... (but we can drive without it all the way to Argentina). Nilo, the boss (who speaks English pretty well) let us stay in the compound for the night. Bathrooms are more than basic, tap water is available, and we saw no showers. The workshop is supposed to move soon a few km more down southeast (I pointed it also on the map with the mechanics symbol).

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don't go here! paid 80 soles for oil. Just checked and our oil is empty.

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Nice guys however created more problems than they fixed. A service and oil filter change turned into 2 days of work on the van, a new bad noise and a 520 soles bill.

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We had to change the Clutch Master at our Truck. Efrain cam to the Camping Quinta Lala and changed it.
He had also searched for the right Parts. He did a perfect Job for good Price. Highly Recomended.

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We are a bit disappointed by Efrain's skills. He did his best trying to fix our brakes but failed to get anything done in a week. He was pretty much guessing what the problem could be and started replacing one part after the other in the end we had to undo everything and go to Toyota to try our luck there.

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Job done (soldering of exhaust pipe and replacement of gearbox clutch)
We spent 1,5 days for a 3 hours job :/
And it's was quite expensive (dont hesitate to bargain)

2 days later one of the fixed exhaust pipe fixation broke again so we are not fully happy with this service...

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Very friendly mechanics team and very good work. Nilo (not Efrain, he asked us to correct this), the owner, speaks good English so communication is easy. They can fix anything, in our car they welded the oil pan and some rusty parts and exchanged a broken part in the transmission which included disassembling and assembling the transmission completely. Parts are hard to get so they just got the part made for us. The place is really busy so you might need to bring some time. We could even sleep at the garage and use the facilities (basic toilet and shower, spotty wifi). But beware of the guard dogs, they take their job very seriously. All in all excellent service, we highly recommend them.

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very good mechanic and clean enough workshop.
paid 690 soles to replace front wheel bearings on our Hilux. just greasing them would have been 200 sol.

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Did great work: service, organised a new turbo and original antishocks. Only negative point: forgot to tighten the screws at the two backside tyres.

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Famous garage in Cusco to fix all sorts of cars/trucks. We had to fix the Turbo of our LR Defender. Very helpful and good knowledge. Ask for Efrain Cañari, he speaks a little english.

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