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2727.0 masl


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They refilled our small US bottle quick and easy. 11 Soles for 2,5 kg. And our US FIXED GAS TANK too!
Edited to add - they are now refusing to fill fixed tanks (Jul 19).


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recargamos 5kg y nos costó 23 soles. importante que tengas tus acoples si la entrada de tu cilindro de gas es diferente

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For a 15-minute wait and a refill of a 12-lb US style fitting portable tank, we paid 8.70 soles. Parking possible outside shop. We had to wait until 1500 hours to get the refill. Check open times first as the shop is in a busy part of town.

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You'll need to convince them, but they can fill a fixed tank still! Must fill from the truck, so go first, find out when the truck will arrive, then return. S/50 for 5.6 gallons in our fixed tank.

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Sadly Wim's knowledge has been lost. Apparently filling fixed tanks is now prohibited and they refused point blank.

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They can fill everything. Wim will be gone after this November, but left instructions.

Portable tanks you can take here anytime. fixed tanks in vehicles should show up around 1:30pm because they must be filled by the truck, which leaves around 2pm each day.

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All types of tanks can be filled, fixed or not :)

We finally found a place to fill our fixed Vanagon tank with ACME fitting. There’s an awesome helpful engineer from Belgium named Wim who helped us out tremendously. Please reach out to Wim directly on WhatsApp at +51 954 914 275. Note that he will be working here until at least Dec 2018.

Vehicles with fixed tanks:
You must arrive at around 2pm when the trucks arrive as they can only fill directly from the truck.

NOTE for Vanagon owners only. The type of connection on our vans is the same as they have on tanks in restaurants and hotels. You must have your tank filled directly off of the truck :)

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We could fill our US FIXED GAS TANK here!!!

Ask for Wim, he is from Belgium, speaks English and Spanish, and he helped us with everything! After two weeks without no gas we will celebrate tonight and cook a delicious vegan dinner!

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They refilled our small US bottle quick and easy. 11 Soles for 2,5 kg.

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