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The owner Ali Nassir says he is a mechanic for different 4x4/Motorbike Rallys like Paris Maroc, Tuareg Rally, Rally Oil Lybia, Carta Rally, Aicha Rally, Mahamid Express.

This is the garage to go in Zagora.


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Chez Ali Nasser managed to repair a number of diesel leaks on our MAN truck, always busy but will slot you in and the work gets done, if you need a garage this is the place 👍👍

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Ali may have competent mechanics, but he is, above all, a snake oil merchant. He proposed four repairs that were, in his opinion, necessary for our car. None of them were.

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Ali stoped us on the road and said he has the best garrage. We asked about the price and he said that firstly we have to go to garrage so we did. Then he told us the price for welding our leaking tank which is equal to new fuel tank so we didn't even start to negotiate the price and kindly left.

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Doesn’t work on Rallies? Yet has a team supporting the Morocco Desert Challenge. One of the competitors just arrive in Zagora!

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Best mechanic in Zagora. Some reviewer doubt Ali’s experience! Unlike the other outfits in town Ali has early his well deserved reputation supporting overlanders and the rally’s in Morocco. When he say he’s worked on a rally he has, the others are making it up. Been using Ali’s for 8 years without any problems, some people even travel to Morocco just to get Ali to work on their trucks

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We had a positive experience.
We had a leak of diesel when we are at petrol station to fill up.
First they changed a rubber hose, but it did not solve the problem. Then they removed the extra tank and checked the pipe between the two tanks. There was the problem. They welded the spot and replaced everything.
They just do not want to give up and want to solve the problem.
But....... Before they start, first nagotiate the price!!
They fixed it for a resonable price.
Shop looks clean and busy. And they have the skils, tools and knowledge.
We recommend the place.
There are a lot of car, tire etc shops in this street.

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Best mechanic on the planet - helped us out with a transmission problem in the middle of the desert in 2018 and I had some minor repairs done during our tour in 2019. Small shop - but they know what they are doing!!!

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Got a full service for my LR Defender, a two days job. Everything was done to my full expectation. Ali, owner and experienced mechanic, knows what and how to do. His mechanic team runs like a clock work without hectic. Ali has all spare parts in stock. He serviced my car during the weekend. This is the place to go. Sharply recommend this garage.

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Depuis des années nous nous balladons sur le Maroc et chaque fois que j'ai eu un ennui mécanique je passe chez Ali..
Pour ma part je les trouve très en plus ils pratiquent un tarif très correct....

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very good garage, specialist 4X4, motorcycle, quad, truck, camper. very nice and good prices, i would come back !

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The owner Ali Nassir is a mechanic specialist for different 4x4/Motorbike Rallys like Paris Maroc, Tuareg Rally, Rally Oil Lybia, Carta Rally, Aicha Rally, Mahamid Express etc.
What I heard from other people, he should be the best mechanic in Maroc! Very good, reliable and fast 4x4/KTM mechanic.

Agree prices before!

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