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Seems to be an honest mechanic, checked out GMC van for leaks for free. Name is Jose Manuel


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Jose is the man! Checked my brakes that had been acting up, fixed the mounting platform for my battery, replaced one of the joints in my differential (had to supply it myself but he went and bought the second one when it turned out both needed replacing) and did a temporary fix on my front suspension, enough to get back to California.

Grand total of about 550 pesos for labor across two days, plus a few hundred for the parts. He was super honest about what needed doing, explained the risk about taking things apart before having the parts in hand - and finally explained to me a few other little bits of maintenance that I could do myself to save a few bucks.

Great guy, recommend him for quick fixes. I’m sure he could handle much more complicated work without a problem. It is indeed a tiny space but well-equipped. His neighbor is a welder who only charged 100pesos for welding the battery platform.

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Fairly small side street garage. Jose was friendly and gave us a brief quote for repairs we requested - f/r brake pads change, steering arm problem and oil/filter change - we had to supply/source the parts for all of the above would be 1200 peso labour. He also couldn't complete the work until the following day. Decent enough but Chamaco had quoted 900 for the same work and could complete by 7pm the same day (driving around at midday-2pm) so seemed a better option for us. Would recommend but unsure if big rig friendly - were a long wheel base Dodge Ram 3500 van and it would've been right turning in but big enough work area.

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We thought at first that Jose Manuel saved us since he was the first out of 6 mecanics to solve the problem (we had a leak in the diesel injection system) but eventually the van was in worst conditions than before.we lost 3 days and 5000 pesos. the worst in this story is that he did not tighten back the bolts on the injectors and others tubes. consequence: we had to stop 3 times because it smelt diesel. and 3 times we had to call a mecanics to fix one leak after another. hope this is the last one. in my opinion, i think it is not professional and unforgivable to do this kind of mistake which can cause an explosion. you can not let a car go without checking that all bolts are well tighten especially when it comes to the diesel injection system. I am so angry even though I am sure Jose did not do it on purpose. the result is that as for me Jose is not trustable.

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solid mechanic! only spanish. we paid 700 pesos for a full service. had an oil change, filters replaced. checked our brakes and suspension. seemed super legit and good priced. tucked away off the main road.

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Had an oil and filter change done on our 4runner. (we already had the oil and filter) Just turned up and he got on with it straight away. Very efficient and friendly service. Paid 100P.

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This guy is just amazing. We went there for a rear shocks replacement. The parts we got from Autozone weren't good for our SUV although we confirmed the model... So he came with us to return the bad parts to AZ, and then to get compatible parts on another store. Then, back to his garage, although it is poring rain he finished the work. Lastly he asked payment only for the actual work, not including the at least one hour of driving around. Of course I insisted to pay for the entire service.

And this is all during the Dia del muertes, times that he doesn't usually work at all.

Amazing guy.

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awesome mechanic!! paid 200 pesos for around 2 hours!

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Friendly and thorough mechanic who happily looked at our vans issues and suggested places to get parts. Seemed to know his stuff!

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great honest mechanic. the boss Manuel and his worker Giovanni do good work at a great price. I used them twice over a couple month period, the first time to diagnose a loud exhaust leak which ended up being a turbo gasket. Manuel found a replacement gasket in his own storage and Giovanni performed the job. he did great work, 6 hours labor and the part for 800 pesos ($40 usd).

I went back on our way north with a laundry list of 8 items i wanted done before our big trek back to Oregon. why not take advantage of mexican rates and get everything dialed for the long drive home. Giovanni got everything on m list done. 7 hours worth of work again 800 pesos. highly recommended shop! Spanish only, but the language of mechanics is universal so I'm sure it would be fine to go there without spanish.

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Seems to be an honest mechanic, checked out GMC van for leaks for free. Name is Jose Manuel

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