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over 2 years ago
53.4 masl


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On a private plot 5 minutes from the site Huaca de la luna (the owner, señora Lucy, is working there in the cafe. You can ask her for the permit), quiet and quiet. No price we give what we want.

Sur un terrain privé à 5mn du site Huaca de la luna, tranquille et sur.
Pas de prix on donne ce que l'on veut.


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We arrived quite late around 7-8pm so wasn't sure if we would have any luck. Knocked on the blue door as previously stated and the Doña opened the gate for us.

We stayed one night. Big open lot where you can park away from the road. Very rustic and basic but better than getting robbed in Trujillo. We paid her S15 like others before us, she seemed perfectly happy with this.

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When we arrived it seemed nobody is there, but a man (he sells sweets near the entrance gate) told us to knock at the blue door and as still nobody opened, he told us to knock more and louder. This was successful and the nephew came out of the house and opened the gate for us.
Later we met Señora Lucy and she told us we should pay what we want. We had a quiet night.

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Dame très gentille mais malheureusement il y a un restaurant à côté qui fait boîte de nuit, donc impossible de dormir, sans parler de la route à proximité et du M. qui balaye la cour à 2:30 du matin.

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Señora Lucy works in the cafeteria of the archological site (added this info to the main text). We asked her and it was no problem to stay on her propertie. Pay what you want.

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We reached here ard 21:00, no one was here except the dogs barking from under construction building. The bamboo gate/barrier was locked with a paddle lock so we could not enter. After staying for 10 mins, we moved to another iO petrol pump stop. It was full with trucks so we headed another few km and stopped near the roundabout (another petrol pump), paid 10s. Can be hard to find a place so plan up before dark :-)

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Nobody there when we reached tonight. Place looks good with a sign saying campsite

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Dame très gentille, endroit calme propriété fermée par une barrière tranquille et sûre.
Prix on donne ce que l’on veut.

Very nice lady, quiet place property closed by a quiet and safe barrier.
Price we give what we want.

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Muy buen sitio, tranquilo para pasar la noche. Le dimos 15 soles, unos 5 dólares.

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You need to be lucky to find anyone here. We arrived and the car gate was locked. You can walk around it. The camp is open for business and the woman apparently is around sometimes, but nobody knew when she would be back. We decided not to wait and moved on.

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Sur un terrain privé à 5mn du site Huaca de la luna, tranquille et sur.
Pas de prix on donne ce que l'on veut.

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