Nakop border | Customs and Immigration

South Africa


almost 2 years ago
716.0 masl


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Easy crossing from Namibia to SA. Fruit are not allowed


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Super easy border. Everyone very friendly. Price for rapid COVID test 300R, results in less than 5 minutes.
In total between both Namibia and ZA side, including getting a COVID test was less than an hour.

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+ not only for SA residents, for everybody also Europeans!

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and.. the quickest is only possible at Nakop and Springbok borderpost. And check the times for testing before you go, is changes. today it opened at 10:30am, they advised us to be there after 11:00. They do also a night shift.

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From Nam to SA without a Covid-test.
You can do a Covid-test on arrival, it's R170pp. Some paperwork and check in a bus at the Nakop border.
We heard the test is only valid for SA and not for Namibia, we didn't check this.
Bordercrossing was very quick, around one hour for both borderposts and the Covid-test, but that is probably the time of the year that its so quite.

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Confused border too. Staff no so friendly. Polices are cool!! They checked the car, but no so much. No veggies no fruits allowed! They ask for the vehicle permit for Namibia/South Africa. More strict with forms than other borders in SA.

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no fruits, no vegetables,1liter of alcool per people. easy border!

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Easy crossing from Namibia to SA. Fruit are not allowed

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