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Overnight parking authorized! Quiet place for a night! Not a 24h place, but no problems to stay here. Park on the right of the Walmart garden. It's perfect.


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parked on the side lot by the garden center like other comments suggested. no knock or anyone bothering me.

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I’m just getting in as of 11:02pm, so there are still cars and trucks in the parking lot. Gas is AMAZINGLY CHEAP. Toilets are available during business hours. I’m used to highways and trains in the distance so, it was white noise for me. I was here last night and slept so good. Totally worth it in my opinion.

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i usually goto this walmart when i need to stock up then spend the night, they tend to hav the cheapest gas at their gas station

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Very large parking lot. Very busy Walmart. Noise from train tracks, the highway, the road, the many other cars in the lot, noisy people. Pro: Park anywhere. You won't be bothered. Con: loud.

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stayed one night. Not quiet at all. Lots of noise of people talking, storage container doors slamming, trucks honking, and an incessant beeping of a forklift all night. If you stay here try to park closer to the front and not all the way in the back.

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Huge Walmart, we stayed here for the weekend while sightseeing. No hassles. Moved to the Costco spot in the daytime and took public transport into the city from there.

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Parked near the garden center as others suggested. Arrived at 9pm on a Sunday and stayed until 9am Monday morning. Quiet night - no disturbances at all.

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Stayed overnight next to the garden center as suggested and it was totally fine. The parking lot is really big and there are security patrolling. There were other trucks and also a camper van and schoolie when we stayed. Quiet up until early morning then trucks started backing into the back of the store or something causing the beeping on their vehicles to go on.

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I went in to ask the manager if it was okay to park overnight here in an RV. They said that we really aren't supposed to but if you leave in the morning it shouldn't be a problem. There was no problem all night, they have a police car roaming the parking lot but they didn't say anything. As long as you park as far as you can towards the bridge by the storage unit company you should be fine.

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Still good to stay for a night.
Store hours 6am-11pm.

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Overnight parking autorized!Quiet place for a night! Not a 24h but no problems to stay here. In the right of the Walmart garden it's perfect.

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