Car ferry from Sipacate to El Paredon | Vehicle Shipping



11 months ago
4.0 masl


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100Q per car. Also plenty of just people ferry boats.


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Handy way to avoid a detour is coming from the north, we paid Q100 for 2 motorcycles, could probably have talking it down but since the guys were super helpful loading the bikes we left it at 100. Fun scenic trip on the river.

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this is absolutely awesome. if u are in the area, totally take this crazy ferry. Q100 for the van and two passengers.

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Really Simple with the Small motorbike 150cc. 10Q person 10Q moto. 10min.

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Seems to be a good option if you want to skip the bad road coming from north. Road is in a really good condition all they way to the ferry (left at the entry of the town of Sipacate. Since the water level is very low at the beginning you might have to wait for high tide!! - If you speak spanish you can call ahead and ask for a good time to arrive (Olmedo +502 4005 9980). We paid 100Q. Definetely an adventure!

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they asked 100 but talked price down to 80Q.
cool little boat ride :-)

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100Q per car. Also plenty of just people ferry boats.

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