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Last Visited: 6 months ago
GPS: 24.17565, -110.43974
Altitude: 1.1 masl
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Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Right next to sand dunes. Public beach 3.5 miles off main road down a pretty rough, but 2wd friendly dirt road. big rig friendly be smart on the sand. don't get stuck.


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Our actual coordinates where we set up were 24.1612782, -110.4265746 ... so south of the dunes and south of Playa El Mogote. Holy crap this area is great! There are dirt roads sprawling all around this area so we had some fun exploring around looking for our favorite spot. Had the entire area to ourselves it seems. This is a tidal flat area, so be mindful of tide charts and where the high tide line is! As well as deep sand in places. However most of the roads are hard packed and our 2wd sprinter had no issues. Estuaries also make for fun kayak exploring. The full moon rise over La Paz made this extra magical for us. 10/10 !!!

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The road in has been significantly improved since we were here a few months ago. Beautiful, beautiful spot. LNT

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Was as described. Came in our F250 truck and truck bed camper. Drove down the road maybe another half mile further where there was a smaller road on the left leading down to the beach. Parked just 10 feet off of the main road here where there was hard pack sand that was OK for us to drive on. A couple people drove past at night but no one bothered us. Doesn’t seem to be a busy area

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We turned left after the lanes merge, there's a 2wd track going north for quite a while. Tucked in behind the dunes and some bushes we had a quiet and peaceful night before heading into buzzing La Paz. Washboard road on the way in, much better in the way out.

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great spot. went there with a 2 wd van, but stopped after the 2 lanes merge near the beach because after that it starts to get very sandy, but thats not far from the beach. I went there to go swimming, so didnt stay the night. big beach just for myself.
the 5 km gravel road to the beach is in good condition, but you have to drive slowly with a 2 wd so that part takes like 15-20 minutes

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Really great spot.
First time, we stayed behind the dune because there was too much sand on the road.
Three weeks later, the road was clean and we were able to park on the dune. A bit windy but great view. Very quiet at night.

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Went over the dunes (very sandy) but it was super windy on the other side. Decided to go back to the section before the dunes - nothing much to see but dirt but at least secluded from the wind. Good for one night- very bumpy road in but doable in a 2wd.

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Doable in a 2wd, but be careful to stay close to the road and dunes, the further away you get the softer it gets. If you're in a 4wd you could camp on the beach, it's a sand road down there so it's pretty risky in a 2wd. It's windy here but tucked up close to the dunes there isn't much wind.

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Great beach dune sleeping spot. A 2x2 can climb the sandy summit over the dunes. Beautiful view and if lucky there are whaleharks in the water.

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Good spot for a night or two. By a bit exposed to cars passing through all day. If you are keen to drop the tire pressures and have a good 4WD you can climb into the dunes. Otherwise the sand is super soft.

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Right next to sand dunes publick beach 3.5 miles off main road

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