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Moderator Note: Toll booth information is not applicable for iOverlander.
Toll from Tupiza to Potosi.
You don't pay if you come from Tarija via Ruta 20.
Don't forget to keep your receipt from the latest toll booth.


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Regular Toll Booth without police station. Paid 5bol from Tupiza to Tarija via route 20 which is not paved.

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No police, toll only.
We didn't pay as we took Ruta 20 between Tarija and Tupiza. They asked for our latest receipt (always keep yours I Bolivia).

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We didn't encounter police, just toll 11 bolivianos

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B$7 to go to Potosí from Tupiza. All good.

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We paid 11BOB to go to Potosi. No police today.

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no police just a toll which we paid 5 to trajia

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No toll for us on our motorcycle. We just rolled passed it slowly.

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Paid 11 bolivianos for toll then police stopped us and requested paperwork and to see fire extinguisher and first aid kit. Then asked for 10 bolivianos for admin fees.

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We paid 11 Bols to get to Potosi. No police were at this station when we passed.

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Paid toll then police wanted their own 'fee'. We said that when we entered bolivia, the border officers told us never to pay fees to police without an official receipt. This isnt the case, but he soon sent us on our way without payment when we said this. He also asked us if we have fire extinguisher, first aid kit and 2 red triangles. we confirmed that we do have them and he didn't ask to see them.

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