Laundry in Fabrika Hostel | Laundromat



9 months ago
406.6 masl


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9.90 Lari per wash. Large quantity LG commercial machines and dryers. Ask at reception for token and detergent.


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not possible to wash anymore if you dont stay in the hotel, we try gently to ask again, but no way

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Fabrika is a really trendy international hostel full of young people on laptops working remotely and slightly overpriced food in a multitude of cafes in the complex. They have excellent self service laundry facilities in the basement and provide wm soap and unlimited tumble drying for 10 Lari. You can also pay to use showers for 14.35 lari each or if you want a dorm Bed it is 30 laris inc shower! The women’s shower had unlimited hot water and a hair dryer and clean toilets. Well worth 20m walk from Public Service Hall. Can use their wifi and buy a coffee while you wait.

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Large young persons trendy hostel. Very helpful if you want to rent washing machine or shower! 10t for each machine and dryer free.

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9.90.lari, ( normaly for Hostel guest, but there where very Kind and except , for us) Don’t Forget a Tip.

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Laundry at the Tblisi Yard Hostel is only 2 Lari

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price is indeed 10 lari, it is very pleasant to wait for the wash outside

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As Said, great place! very kind staff, fluent english, good athmosphere! In the courtyard you find a couple of hip trendy places to Eat which are Nice as Well!

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it's a cool place, nice hostel with loundy, wifi, nice hall and super nice people. don't miss it

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The price is now 9,90 Lari per load (very big capacity) including some detergent, dryers are free. About 2hours for both washing and drying. It is also a very nice place to have a drink while enjoying their very fast wi-fi.

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The laundry is in the basement. You can also use it, if your not staying in the Hostel.
Brand new washing machines and dryers.
Get token and detergent at the reception, 5,90 Lari per load.

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5.90 Lari per wash. Large quality LG commercial machines and dryers. Ask at reception for token and detergent.

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