Agua Inmaculada | Water



5 months ago
-16.9 masl


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Excellent water place. Cheap and no problem with the hose.


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paid 10 Pesos for 10 Liters.
its behind the ABARROTES PALOMERA Shop in the Calle NARANJO Nr.20 and NOT on the Main street!

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Don’t think there is an aqua place. You can buy garrafons from the grocery store. 30MP for 20L.

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I was near the coordinates, but not shure if I found the right place, think not. It was a grocery store at the corner of the street. I bought two garrafons of water and just poured them into my water tank. paid 15 Pesos per 20 liter garrafon.

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Water it was close on a Sunday. Don’t know prices.

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Excellent water place. Cheap and no problem with the hose.

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