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Locals blocked the road several times coming from Comitan. They said it was blocked for 4 days and nobody was able to say for how much longer. We tried to go around on backroads but the whole area is blocked.


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We passed through the checkpoints with our campervan today. Direction: Mexico to Guatemala.
1. Checkpoint is Mexican Police. They take fotos of vehicles and passports (official documents, no copies). All seems official.
2. Checkpoint is before the bridge, by local people. A little bit chaotic. They want to see passports. Here we gave copies only. They wanted to inspect the campervan, but I opened only the backdoors. They let us pass without further trouble.
3. Checkpoint by locals is on the other side of the bridge. They seem to check traffic coming from Guatemala. So, no stop for us.

The checkpoints by locals were calm today, but it could probably change at any time. So, best would be to check ahead, e.g. with local police.

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This road block has now been moved to just north of the little road leading to the camp spots and ruins. There is another road block at the south of town. Effectively creating a kill zone between the 2 road blocks. The southern block is comprised of a semi and a box truck. On the way into town 3 days earlier we were finally allowed to pass because we were going to camp at Cristóbal Colon and see the ruins. They let us go through going south 3 days later. At the border our friends were unable to gain enter to Guatemala due to a vehicle paperwork issue. So we turned around with them. The border petrol was amazed we got through and a Moto guy said he was held at the town for 10 hrs before they let him through. On arrival at the town to pass back through going north, several towns folk were willing to let us pass but the man in charge called a “boss” who stated the town was now completely closed and the people who let us through to Colone and then south were in trouble. We turned around and headed south. Through many other “filter” checkpoints. Bottom line. AVOID this area at all cost until this buissines with the cartels battling for territory is over. We were traveling with another couple in 2 vehicles and 3 of us are prior service so we don’t scare easy and road blocks are generally no big deal for us, but Right now this whole area is no joke Avoid Avoid Avoid.

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Road block is going on but seems to be an ever changing process.

We were stopped here for 6 hours today. The people were friendly but intimidating. They said “no pase no pase “ we turned around and waited just before the roadblock. During this time we spoke with many locals they were friendly but firm in no pase and didn’t provide much detail as to why.

On foot they allowed us to walk into town to buy snacks. After 6 hours they randomly waved me down and said I could pass

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Still road block by locals on both sides. Even on Christmas Eve. We closed the windows and I was on the phone (calling someone) and they saw our dog and finally let us go..

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Passed on Nov 19 and no blockage. Got gas in the city and all seemed to be fine.

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roadblock. Men very violent. they said we cannot go to Guatamala. we went back down the road and got a military escort. we were between the military trucks and as soon as we got to the road block the military abandoned us! the violent men would not let us pass. The one speaking English said you have to go somewhere else. But everyone else could was let by. You can not even get into the town to try another road. We asked the local police who were running a check point just north of this and they said that the inhabitants have their own laws and they can't help us.

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Locals blocked the road several times coming from Comitan. They said itisblockedsince 4 days and nobody was able to say for how much longer. We tried to go around on backroads but the hole area is blocked.

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