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Burkina Faso


4 months ago
336.0 masl


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Here they stamp your passport.
No issues, get your visa beforehand at an embassy or online.

Prepare the following papers:
Vehicle registration
Meningitis vaccine card
Driving license


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Online visa took 6 hours for us, so no big deal getting it beforehand. It’s 22.000 CFA.
They checked our meningitis vaccination certificates, wanted to see driving licence, vehicle registration papers, passport and printout of visa.
Easy and friendly. One officer even speaks german!

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Not possible to get VOA anymore. We tried everything for hours and they made lots of calls but unfortunately they turned us away. Have evisa or visa from the embassy. Don’t come here without a visa!

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Here they stamp your passport.
No issues, I already got my visa from the Abidjan embassy.
It supossed to be possible to get the visa at this border, but more expensive

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