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8 months ago
1146.6 masl


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Highest falls in Malawi. So we are told. MK500 per person. Lovely easy walk, only 5 Minutes from the Car Park.


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It's a good place. We were charged 1000 each to go in by some young guys...they said the money was "for the community" so I hope that's true.
If you want to find things without a guide:
-The view of the whole falls is at the Lovers Nest restaurant which you can see on google maps.
-The cave is at -10.585511, 34.119706. To get there, go from Lovers Nest back to the village. Cross the small wooden bridge and continue down the track. Take the first track to the right. Cross the smaller river using the stones. Follow the path on the other side, then take the path that goes back to the right when you reach a junction. The track/path up to this junction is shown on Komoot.

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Guides assisted us at 1000 MK pp to show the cave and waterfall. Not too much rubbish lying around . Vehicle was safely parked at powerline

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Is also a small place who has accomodation here... amazing view of the waterfalls and lake 2.500

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A wonderful place with amazing view of the waterfalls and the lake. the room is very simple and the price 2.500 the toilet is outside

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on the waterfalls of livingstonia is a cafe accomodation,I didn't stay here but the view of the place is amazing looking bthe waterfalls and the lake. they told me that the room costs 2.500 is a very simple room with not something special...but the view is really special. the toilet is outside

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From Lukwe Camp is a very beautiful walk, follow the signs for the garden and then the waterfalls. Amazing place. Entrance fee is 500.

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beautiful waterfall, from the entrance (500kw) you will find the first one quiet close on your left, then if you walk all the way on the main path you will find a restaurant where you can see the second one, the one that have the caves.
like other travelers said you can find the caves by your own, you will need to pass a kind of bridge and keep your right, cross the river, keep your right again and start to walk in your right until you find the turn...basicaly keep your right! I hope is clear otherwhise local guides will be always around if you want to pay or friendly girls pointing the right direction for free!

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Cave is worth going, you are under the waterfall. A lot od local guides around. You don't need them but not bad to support. We gave our guide 1000, he wanted 2000 after all.
A lot of young unfriendly "watchmans" who will take care of your car and demand money. Don't pay, those kids should be at school!

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Conveniently located on the Way to Livingstonia. From the Car Park it's a five Minute Walk to the Main Viewpoint above the Falls. Still 500 MWK pp. Some Guides also offer to take you to some Caves and down the Falls (we didn't do).

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While I was here a guy flew his drone out over the falls and it went nuts (caught in some swirling wind?) and crashed. According to the owner of Lukwe, this is the third drone lost here in the last few months. Fly at your own risk!

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Highest falls in Malawi. So we are told. MK500 per person. Lovely easy walk.

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