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5 months ago
18.1 masl


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A fuel station safe to pass a night with a big parking.


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We spent the night in front of the convenience store so we could use their wifi. You can buy a shower in the gas station restaurant. There’s a BOB’s burger place for lunch and dinner. They close at 10 along with convenience store. There’s a big generator that’s pretty noisy but quites down a bit later on. We paid no fee to spend the night..

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Como informamos no canal no YouTube "Aventuras no Coração do Brasil", neste posto, pode pernoitar pagando R$ 50,00 ou abastecer 200 litros. Possui banheiros, que são da lanchonete. A água, é da torneiras (não filtrada), ou seja, não tem bebedouros. Chuveiros(banhos): R$ 10,00 cada ficha. Energia e Wifi não confirmados se estão liberados, tem que confirmar com o gerente do posto.

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A fuel station safe to pass a night with a big parking.

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