Lomond - dump point | Sanitation Dump Station



Last Visited: 9 months ago
GPS: 49.42956, -57.74707
Altitude: 73.1 masl


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Eau et vidanges, gratuit.
water for free at black water dumping station


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Still a good spot for dumping and potable water. Campground has signs saying it closes Oct 10, 2021. I would suspect the water will be turned off for the season then.

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Still good for free dumping and water..........

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Station 50 meters from road 431 outside campground available for every body for free

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In all Gros-Morne National camping site you will find free potable water and a dumping station.

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water for free at black water dumping station

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Vidanges et eau potable, gratuit.

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