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16 days ago
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N 6.37369, E 2.41466 new location for Embassy.


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Check the big White building. Entrance is on right side, take the star, first floor. Guy is friendly :
-4/5 days 50 + 10k
-1 day 60 + 15k
-express 75 + 15k

You just need :
- 1 photo
- 1 booking
- 1 copy of passeport

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 6.37367, 2.41470

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Embassy has now moved. Updated to N 6.37369, E 2.41466. It’s temporarily in a small single story unmarked building with reflective glass at the crossroads. It will move to the big building opposite when it’s refurbished.

Visa for UK citizen. 65k and 15k super express (same day) processing, got receipts for both. The guy there was really friendly and spoke some English. Needed passport & copy, photo, was able to WhatsApp him my hotel booking which they printed there. Asked if I wanted it while I wait, as opposed to coming back in the afternoon. So threw in 5k extra which he gave to the person behind the counter who was doing it. Very easy and friendly encounter, took about an hour.

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Very easy process to get the visa. The guy who works there is very friendly and used to overlanders.
You need: 1. Hotel reservation (with name on it), 2. Passport copy, 3. 1 picture.

3 processing options: "Regular" (4-5 days), "express" (24h), and (the inofficial) "super express" (to be picked up at 5pm on the same day). Express visa (1 month from day of entry) costs 65k CFA. Super express is an additional 15k.

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Make sure to have a print of your booked hotel for each person (2 people = 2 prints) and more important: you have to have your name somewhere on your hotel confirmation document. Had a loooong discussion because our names were not visible on the document. Everything else was totally fine. Will get ours hopefully tomorrow (express version).

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process fee is now 10.000 CFA...
and you can do super express visa which costs 70.000 CFA + 10.000 CFA process fee and you get it the same day but this one is not official (you'll get a receipt for 70.000 CFA) 😏

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If you need to get the Republic of Congo , this the best site to obtain it. The consulate employee is very friendly and helpful. He even accompanied us to make the hotel reservation in a store that had a computer and a printer. The price is : 50.000XOF single entry visa 30 days and 5.000XOF for the procedures. You have to wait 4 -5 days. If you want express visa the cost is 60.000 XOF and 5.000 XOF for the procedures. You hand in your passport and they give it to you the next day at 4:30 p.m. Required documents : copy of passport , one photo , and hotel reservation copy

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Yes super easy German passport bring photocopy of passport and hotel booking fix prices you have to pay vw western Union but they help you
This is the place where you pay

6.373518, 2.414581

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Express visa for 60000cfa...ready in around 2h. Very friendly staff. You need to make payment in western union point, but they will take you there

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It's not exactly the place.
Right location : 6.376056, 2.428012

Take a one day to do the visa.
Friendly staff.
As it's a new buildings they can not do the visa the same day. But when they will be all settled they will take few hours.

We paid 50 000 cfa with a proper receipt.

2 photos
Passeport copy
Booking hotel reservation

You can park on the front of the building. Open at 9 am and close at 17pm.

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new place for ambassy Congo brazaville
old place is closed

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