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Overnight Prohibited camping is illegal here. Private Property

This is on PRIVATE LAND!! Road is maintained for school buses and people who live in this vicinity ONLY!!!



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This place is on PRIVATE PROPERTY!!! Families in the area have been cleaning up after some people who have stayed here and left trash behind. Not far from the area people have also thrown thrash down the hill and it’s been a concern for the surrounding families that live in that vicinity. They even mention there was a black trash bag with a dead dog inside it. The families that live in the area are not RESPONSIBLE for picking up trash after the campers. A couple who were there earlier went out of their way to clean up someone’s else trash (which is uncalled for) when they were informed by a lady who gave them heads up that the area is private property. This area has cows and horse that graze the area freely to eat plants not trash.

The turn off from the highway is maintain for the people who live there to get where they need to get too and it’s also for bus routes during the school year. There are ELDERS who live there and do not speak fluent English and are scared when there are people camping there. If you want to camp PLEASE DRIVE 14 to 16 miles east or 5 miles southwest to camp.

The families in the area kindly asked “NO MORE OVERNIGHT CAMPING ALLOWED,” Thank you!

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This place is permanently closed.

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wouldn't recommend staying here, was only here for a about 30 minutes and the guy who lives down the road (same guy mentioned in the comment below me) stopped and told me he owned this land and I needed to pay him $150 and leave lmao. he then continued to harass me after I said I would leave and started packing up my car. he definitely does not own this spot but for some reason feels entitled to the entire area just because he has a house a few miles down the road. the guy is just a massive dick for no reason

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Pulled in here at sunset. Nice view and not too far off the highway. There is a home you pass driving to the spot and a ranch only a couple hundred feet away. Seemed a nice quiet place to have a quick over night stay, small pull of that can fit a 15-25 foot van or rv. After about 25 minutes a small white car drove by, then a large truck slowly drove by. He then parked and walked up to our drivers window. Very nice man started asking what were we’re doing there and where we were from etc. Told him we would be in and out early in the am just needed a rest. He seemed fine with it all as he apparently lives nearby. At the end of our conversation he then asked if he could watch my girlfriend and I have sex

Because of this, I cannot recommend this campsite.

If you’re into that sort of thing, his name is Gilbert and he drives a white Chevy truck and apparently lives down the road a bit.

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Beautiful sunrise! Red dirt road for 1.5 miles to site. Actually there were options for flat spots. No leveling blocks needed if pick the right place.

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It was nice for a quick night’s stay but do NOT go during wet times. The red clay will sink your tires.
No t-mobile service in the area.

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Be sure to park on the west side of the road. See photo. There is an extra lane for overnight parking. From the ground, it looks like the second turn out is for parking but it isn’t. The residents will ask you to move. Note: if you’re anywhere near level, you’re in the wrong spot.

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Got in late at night but Google maps got us there easily based on coordinates. Not a single vehicle went past us all night. Super quiet and serene. We had great cell reception on Verizon with Weboost.

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Directions are spot on. The road is very well maintained. I had the spot to myself. Very peaceful. Some road noise (about 1 mile away).
Stunning panoramic views. I saw one coyote walking down the road on my drive in.
The spot I parked in appeared to be the same one most folks's somewhat level. I could see this place being a muddy mess in wet conditions.
My Verizon connection was poor at best. it had me roaming, and maintaining one bar was a struggle. Starlink worked like a champ.

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As described. We arrived at 22:30, easy to get to in the dark. Barely any washboard on the dirt road, so that was awesome. One other van here, but plenty of space to spread out. Service was good enough for my husband to game (connecting through ATT hotspot on his phone). Epic views. Perfect spot to sleep on our way from Flagstaff to Durango.

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Great spot. The road was pretty good coming in.
I have 1 bar of Verizon, 3 bars of T-Mobile, and 2 bars of AT&T.
The view is amazing been here for around an hour and a half and have not seen another vehicle.

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Place was beautiful! We had it to ourselves, a few locals drove by and waved at us. We were able to fit our Jeep Cherokee rooftop tent there no problem. I’m sure there are lots of hideaways out there. We arrived when the flowers were coating the earth, truly beautiful. Sunset and sunrise were gorgeous, wonderful recommendation!

ATT struggles, 1-3 bars off and on.

We cleaned up some of the litter there, but we didn’t get it all. Please pitch in when you stay, to keep it beautiful!!

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Great little spot to park overnight - stunning views, and also high wind right now. You can see a few locals' houses, and I'd imagine if you stayed more than 1 night, the locals may get upset (I left a little late around noon, and someone had honked at me, but no biggie).

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Cute pull offs right where it says it is. Great morning views! Great off, but close to hwy option.

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Coordinates are accurate. There’s a road off of 160 and turns into a dirt path that is indeed made for school buses, 4x4 is not needed but helpful.

Once you reach the coordinates, it’s a tight pull off red rock road and fairly flat to park vehicle or a tent. It was pretty cold this time of year at night, lowest temperature was 21 degrees F.

Ruby’s is a great spot to wake up to in the morning with beautiful views and sightings dog cows. Real quiet at night

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Coordinates are accurate. there’s a road off of 160 and turns into a dirt path that is indeed made for buses, 4x4 is not needed but helpful.

Once you reach the coordinate, it’s a tight pull off red rock road and fairly flat to leave vehicle or a tent. It was pretty cold this time of year, lowest temperature was 21 degrees F.

Ruby’s is a great spot to wake up to in the morning with beautiful views and sightings of cows. Real quiet at night

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Stayed here for a night. Right off the road and pretty quiet.

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Awesome spot with sweeping views of the prairie and the rock formations around. It’ll just be you, the wild horses, and the cowboys out here. The small turn out this spot is located in is big enough for possibly two van sized vehicles. Don’t expect to get perfectly level without using blocks The road out was easy, It’s maintained for school buses. Cell reception is spotty(Verizon), Spotify will load very slowly and texts will send but you’re out of luck for anything else without a booster. No services so keep it clean keep it cool my friends. Safe travels
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