West Valley Granger Community Dump Station | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


15 days ago
1369.0 masl


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At public works building. please be clean. Site closes after 6pm.


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Can be accessed one way or the other. Dump station is on the middle of the road. Accessible for any rig. Very clean, so l'êtes keep it like this. Potable water and rinse water.

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Super Clean and easy, good for big rigs, too

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Can pull right up no problem clean water flows nice and free definitely helps around here

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Still open and free to use in February! Dump station on the left and potable water on the right!

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great dump, clean but no rinse
does have potable water

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Across the street from the Public Storage. Great facility. Also has potable water.

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At public works building. please be clean. Site closes after 6pm.

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