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Easy border into the town of Ciudad Hidalgo. straight forward and not busy when we were there. going into the town on the Guatemalan side had people collecting tolls, when we informed them we were entering mexico they said we didnt need to pay.

*** NOT easy for RV's going from Guatemala INTO Mexico. Mexico collected near all food items located in storage drawers and in the fridge not in a sealed bag stating "Hecho en Mexico".

After that, a 638 pesos immigration card was required to be purchased with receipt provided.

Next there is an unconditional inspection for RVs at "customs" where all storage boxes and bags were opened and Guatemala souvenirs are taken out and you are asked if you are really wanting this for yourself or if you plan to sell it.

There was no dog or flag that caused it - they just had nothing better to do, as I was the only one crossing in my 24' long RV at the time. Bad thing is there are no nearby markets to buy replacement food items which screwed up plans for a few days on the southern beaches of Mexico.

Add to this "RV experience" the 3 x-ray experiences initially at the border and then twice more north on 200-. If I had it all to do over again, I'd look for another crossing. (Only border in entire US, Mexico, Central America tour where was invaded and all fresh food taken).

Add to this, a new secondary customs stop north on 200 with lanes for cars, small trucks, buses and camionetas. I had to back all the way back to the front after being chased down by 2 border agents saying I was in the wrong lane. Highly unpleasant experience; 1.5 hours total and NO ONE in front of me.


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Easy and quick process getting stamped into Mexico after leaving Guatemala. I was only going to Tapachula for a few days, so no fee for the FMM (for less than 7 days) and did not need motorcycle TVIP, since I’m staying in the zona libre. Immigration took about five minutes.

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An alternative border crossing. No signs for where to go.

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My Canadian Owner’s Certificate is combined with my insurance coverage (in Canada/USA). My coverage had expired months ago and Banjercito just could not understand the difference between one and the other. Very frustrating.

So if you cross here, make sure you don’t have an older than today’s expire date of your insurance or they won’t let you in.

For me the worst border crossing after Nicaragua

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Update on the Aduana/Banjercito system: As of today 21st July 20203 the Banjercito system is still down and no TIP are being issued at this crossing. They will only issue 7 days FMM and a 7 day TIP. However, if you ride north to Talisman border crossing they will issue you a manual TIP (2 pieces of paper, filled in by hand) good for 180 days once you pay the US$456 in cash dollars only - not MX or Guate Q’s, you cannot pay by card at the moment, so bring US$ only or wait until the system has been restored and try to cross then.

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Quick update on the Banjercito / TIP issues now affecting all the borders in Mexico - this crossing is NOT issuing any TIP’s at the moment for foreign registered vehicles, I have been given permission to travel to nearby talisman border to obtain a 7-day visa for myself and the bike just to get to the northern borders. They don’t know when their system will be working again, it’s been down 4 days now, so either avoid crossing for the next couple of days or accept a 7 day visa and bolt for the northern US borders.

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Entering Mexico from Guatemala. As of 19th July, the Banjercito system has been down for over two days, so they’re not issuing TIP’s for foreign registered vehicles at the moment. If you’re planning to cross from Guatemala to Mexico around this time you might want to wait for a few days. They let me enter Mexico on a 7-day visa, and they let me bring my motorcycle on the understanding I stay at a nearby hotel and don’t leave the town with my motorcycle as it’s not legal. Will try to update when the system is back up and running.

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Never cross this border unless you are 1000% sure you have all the papers. There is incompetent staff on both sides of the border. Conclusion: we are not allowed to enter Mexico and we are not allowed to return to Guatemala. And we are not allowed to stay between the borders either. With a lot of effort we managed to get into a hotel in Guatemala until the next day. We have 3 children! Our truck is between MX and GT. Use another border!

Tomorrow the story continues.

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We just crossed with 2 motorcycles. The Mexican side was quick and smooth. There is an immigration and Banjercito off to the left just before you cross the bridge. Banjercito opened at 8am and we were on our way within 10 minutes with an exit stamp and canceled TIP.

At the bridge we paid 9 pesos per motorcycle to cross.

As soon as we crossed the Bridge we pulled into a lot on the left, outside the SAT office. From there we walked a short distance to immigration to fill out our visas, get passport stamped, and a small piece of paper with your tourist visa number written on it.

From here we went inside the SAT office to get our TIP. He wanted to see our passport, drivers license, vehicle registration, and that small piece of paper with our tourist visa number written on it. Once he checked everything we had to get 4 copies. We had copies with us, but he wouldn’t accept them because our drivers license was on the same copy with our passport and he wanted them separately. So we found the copy store nearby and paid 5 pesos for our 4 copies (front and back of your drivers license, open passport to photo page, open passport to Guatemala stamp page, and vehicle registration). At that point we took copies back to SAT officer so he could check everything over. Once he is happy he gives you a piece of paper showing 160 quetzales due per motorcycle. you have to take to the bank and pay in Quetzales…cash only. We had no quetzales, so you walk back outside and trade with people on the street for a little less than going rate (going rate is 7.8q per 1usd, but on the street we got 7.5q per 1usd or going rate for peso was .44p per q, but here you get .4q per pesos). Once you get your quetzales you go back inside the SAT office to pay your fees at the banker window. Once fees are paid you have to take that receipt back to the SAT office and wait for your TIP.

Good border crossing, everyone was wonderful except one SAT officer. (Go to the women if you have a chance, the only man working was very snarky). Apparently he got upset when we expressed our frustration that he wouldn’t accept our copies….at that point he refused to process my husband and therefore we waited until the next shift started. As soon as more staff arrived a very kind woman helped my husband and we were off within 15 minutes. But due to having to wait, the entire process took 3-1/2 hours. Be patient and don’t upset the SAT officers. Guatemala is beautiful and full of crazy drivers that are very kind!

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We had to pay 638pesos per passport because we didn’t have a piece of paper “reciept” that we were never given when we got our FMMs in Mexicali. We did have the immigration half slip paper but that wasn’t good enough. I tried to find somewhere if you actually need the reciept but couldn’t. After crossing into Guatemala they said we needed the stamp saying we left Mexico so ya in the end we paid up nearly 4000pesos to get the exit stamp. I feel like it’s a scam

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The Banjercito was closed on a Saturday at 4pm, they told us to go to Talisman Border Crossing, they are supposed to be open until 9 pm

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Crossing Mexico into Guatemala.

Google maps will try to take you the wrong way to get here.

So we went to get our exit stamp and apparently we did not have a large printed out receipt from our FMM (only had the credit card receipt and stamped FMM). Because of this, they refused to give us our exit stamp unless we paid 638 pesos per person to get a new receipt made. We went back and fourth for about an hour or so but he wouldn’t give us a stamp. He said that we could try to get across into Guatemala without the stamp but didn’t know if we could or not. So we paid up. And another couple was in the office and they had the same as well. We had entered Mexico through Mexicali and thought that we had all of our receipts but apparently they did not print the one that we needed to leave.

Returning the TIP was easy and no issues.

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We had several migration issues and here they were most helpful (we visited the other Tapachula border too with questions). In case of a border run, this seems to be the best border. We left MX and came back 2 days later. They said they didn’t mind if you came back the same day (according to the law you need to be outside of MX 72h).

We were able to get 180 days here. We had everything prepared (flight, reservations for almost the whole 6 months) but didn’t have to show anything. People were very kind and helpful.

Our original registration is valid for another day, but they didn’t make any problems out of this (we asked beforehand if they would issue us a new tip with this info). They advised us to go past the Huixtla checkpoint just to be sure.

Price for FFM is now 638 MXP
TIP is 69$ and in our case a 300$ deposit.
They will ask for copies, including for FFM.

We read beforehand that they were very cautious here with fruits and veggies. We prepared and gave them everything from the start. They checked our foodboxes and got our beans, grains and popcornmais too. They didn’t confiscate our nuts (yay!).
At the last checkpoint they were most thorough. They checked almost everything and let a dog sniff around at every opening. We had no problems and they were all friendly.

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I'm heading south. Super friendly, easy and straight forward. Immigration and cancelling the TIP took about 20 minutes. No line when i arrived.

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Yesterday we crossed the border from Guatemala to Mexico Tecun Uman 2, be carful you have to drive thru the „city“ and in our opinion it wasn’t well described where to drive, Tecun Uman 1 it’s just for commercial vehicles.

When you arrive at the border there is a parking lot to park, then you go to the aduana to unsubscribe the vehicle and next to it is immigration for the passport.

When you leave Guatemala you have to pay 10 quetzal, for 2 peoples, and you get a receipt.

Before you get to the Mexican border you have fumigation for 95 peso.

Then you have the agriculture check point, and they really check if you have ANY FRESH PRODUCT!
It’s nothing new, here they really check!

Then you can park your vehicle go to ventana 7 for your immigration and on ventana 4 you pay at Banjercito 583 per person and go back to finish.
Which is also normal.
If you have to register your vehicle you do it at the same ventana 4, if you already have the TIP you are good to go!

Then you drive thru the cameras, they are also in Tijuana going to USA and back to Tijuana, and then the last check point for your vehicle.
We had 3 police officers the one who was talking to my husband wanted to know if the vehicle is ours checked the TIP papers and the VIN number.
The other 2 wanted to look in the Van, i opened the cabinets for them, checked refrigerator again and also in the back.
Asked questions like where we are from, what kind of work etc.

For Mexican standard they checked really good and always very friendly and professional!!!
We both speak Spanish which helps every time.
Overall a smooth Border crossing like all the others while traveling trouts Latin America!

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I agree with everything posted here but we didnt pay the 533 pesos to exit Mexito. They asked for the entry fee prove of payment wich also was 533 pesos. So what I understood is that you have to pay the 533 pesos only when you enter Mexico and keep the prove of payment because if you don’t have it when exiting the country you will have to pay it again.

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Guanajuato crossing into Mexico - RV experience & WARNING

Very new buildings and apparently fairly new revamp of this facility, as this border crossing has been updated from a simple tranquilo crossing to now "by the book" and US style inspections, x-ray machines and with zero tolerance.

Entering Mexico from Guatemala via a RV, first of all drive through a car-wash-style spraying station (not sure what they are spraying on you), then you go to Agriculture inspection. Guy took all the vegetables and fruits in the vehicle (while looking in every drawer and cabinet), then confiscated all the chicken and meats out of the frig that were not packed in a "made in Mexico" package, then took all cheeses and sandwich meat regardless of origin, plus all fish, shrimp and steaks not in Mexico packing out of the freezer, Then he started going through taking any oriental seasoning, dried mushrooms, rice and just about stripped the RV of all the specialty food items that were not made in Mexico. I offered to pay an "empuesto" (tax) and he wouldn't take the hint but just keep smiling and he even used my own grocery bag to collect a very large portion of my food. His parting statement was in Spanish "next time only buy Mexican".

From there it was their stamping the passport and they collected 533 Pesos with receipt for 180 day immigration card.

Then it was on to "customs" stop and there was no red/green light, just inspection without option of a green light. They unzipped every bag and suitcase, looked under bed, opened all cabinets, drawers and looked behind with flashlight. The Guatemala souvenir items all got brought out and was grilled "are you really wearing this or are you going to sell it". Why do you have so many souvenirs? They kept asking questions until they finally allowed passing from the hour and a half border session (no other one there, just me getting a total inspection)\

From there through a giant x-ray I have not even seen the US using with a warning to keep away "x-rays in use" printed on the side of it but that didn't stop them from shooting them through the RV and me.

Then going north on 200, was forced to park in a closed lane and wait for another Sprinter van marked "danger x-rays" to pass by my RV with two passes, then agents entered and pulled out all the drawers, opened up bed and looked behind the walls and everything.

Then got stopped once more were the agent got my passport and 10 year RV Tip document and went down the document line by line, checking the name on it vs. passport and against the VIN of the car. Then she walked through the RV again.

Then later got stopped 2 more times north on 200 to ask for passport and TIP document.

I went through the whole of Guatemala and Honduras and did not receive this treatment. A very costly experience even if you don't count the wrecker fee to get my failing brake vehicle down from the Quetzal Reserve. Most unpleasant border crossing yet and more involved and militarized than what I've gotten in the USA. I went this route back into Mexico to keep from having to drive the "road from hell" up from Quetzaltenango to Huehuetenango where the 60K road took 6 hours in my RV. If I had it all to do over again, I'd drive the bad road again out of Huehue just to avoid the shake down I got at Ciudad Hidalgo and loss of near all my food items.

If you have a RV full of food you don't want to lose and/or in a hurry, try a different crossing.

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Crossed the border from Guatemala to Mexico. Overall an easy border crossing, although for us it was challenging as we are traveling with a vehicle that’s not in our name. Even with our (real!) notary statement they gave us a really hard time, but in the end we did get through.

Also good to mention is that a $300 deposit is required when paying for your TIP. The TIP itself costs around $60 for 6 months.

We were told that vehicle insurance is not obligatory, but bought one in Tapachula anyway (see post named Qualitas Seguros).

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Hi,we crossed at Ciudad Hidalgo on the Mexican side to Tecan Uman on the Guatemalan side. It was very straightforward. We drove into the compound and parked the car. We visited the Bandjercito (Mexican side) and checked we could keep our car permit (TVIP) open for the car as we are returning through Mexico at a later date.She said yes, this is fine. We went to Mexican immigration for exiting Mexico, a little hut a hundred metres away. We got our exit stamp and had to hand in BOTH the tourist entry card and proof of payment (this was an A4 piece of paper for each of us with our details on and stating we had paid on entry). We did not get charged an exit fee. We paid 17 pesos to cross the bridge to Guatemala-this was clearly marked, similar to the cuota booths throughout Mexico. We then parked at the car fumigation stop and paid 17 Quetzals to an official and got a printed receipt. We then drove to Guatemalan immigration (very close) and parked. The lovely gentleman stamped us into Guatemala and there was no charge. He gave us a form to fill in for the car. We then went to the aduana, who was brilliant. We gave him the drivers passport, driving license, the car ownership document and he gave us a piece of paper which we took over the hall to the bank, paid our 160 Quetzals, returned to the aduana-who came with us to the car and stuck out Guatemalan permit on the windscreen. He did not need any copies of our paperwork. This was our experience today.

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We cross with a sprinter van from mexico to gu. I put here the step we have to do, if it can help !
1. Banjercito office at cd.hidalgo border. You need to cancel to permissio temporario de immigration to be refound AND pay to close your touriste visa. (533 p)
2. Immigration office (few step outside from banjercito) to have your passeport stamp as you leave mexico. She keep the touriste permit.
3. Pay to cross the bridge (17p)
4. Pay to have your car spray againts the bugs and to have the paper (32qt) from here, there is people every where to change your pesos in quetzales.
5. Immigration office to have your passeport stamp and fiel up a form fort the car and get the stamp from this form.
6. Ayunda. Officer does paper/permit for the car. You need passeport and a copie of it, licence, registration paper off the car.
7. Pay this permit at the office in front (in the same bilding) 160 qt.
And go back with the bill to the office to sign them all

Free to go !!

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DOG UPDATE: We were told you can sometimes just not mention the pooches. We almost pulled it off with them sleeping in the cab, but they saw our dog food when they looked through the back, so we did it formally. PAPERWORK: USDA form with signature and seal (could probably get away with it, without the seal), certificate of health signed by vet, certificate of vaccinations signed by vet, pay $25/ dog at bank/aduana & bring receipt. Added a good 40 min to the crossing. Very friendly officials though. Look prepared, pile on paperwork--no sweat, they barely looked at the details of the paperwork.

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Completely functional and easy border crossing. going from guatemala follow maps to get to the bridge. On the left is parking for aduana (exit for guatemala or entrance). no fee required for exit gautemala, drive to bridge get passports stamped out. once you cross the border follow the signs in the mexican border, fumigation (100 pesos), then enter immigration and enter mexico and do car paper work at the Bancojerito. next drive through the declaration gates and get your car searched. you will enter directly into ciudad hidalgo where there is a bank, supermarket etc.

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This is a small non commercial border crossing I used on 7-6-16. The other crossings were closed by blockades.

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