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over 2 years ago
100.9 masl


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22 reales for a RV. Every 30 minutes. Takes about 15 mins.

We have spent the night aside of the memorial. A nice spot with a lot of insects!!!! Finally we used Deet and could continue to sleep. The ferry is working for 24 hours! They are working on the bridge at different places! So one day it will finish, but it is a difficult job! A lot of wind and the river is rough with swimming trees!


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Paid 28R fora single axle truck and camper (7.3m long). Boat runs often. Nice shade and grass and mango trees as overnight option. The dogs loved it 🐾

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We paid for our Mercedes Benz 410D R$35.
Shipping from port no. 2.

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R35 for a 6t camper- truck. They're building a bridge but locals told us it will probably never finish!

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Now 25 for SUV type car, 18 for regular car. Ferry takes about 15 mins.

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For motorcycle is 5 real.

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22 reales for a RV. Every 30 minutes

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