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This is a city park with water connections in several places. There are also open electrical outlets.


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Easy access. Spigot by the foot bridge, threaded for a hose.

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As the previous review, spigot on circular wood post, the one I went to near playground, was threaded, and near a picnic table. There was another about SE before intersection across from train display.

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Easy to get to water spigot. Threaded faucet. Was able to add a filter onto it. Filled up a few jugs here.

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A few threaded water spigots along North Desmet Avenue. A little hard to see— the spigots are mounted on short fence posts every couple hundred feet along the road. Room to park right at fence. Easy fill up and a nice park with some shade trees, pavilions, etc.

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Water was off by September 24 for season when we visited

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Came here to get water and it has been turned off, maybe for the winter.

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This is a city park with water connections in several places. There is also open electrical outlets

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