Senafront | Checkpoint



about 2 months ago
118.7 masl


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Bring Your pasaporte. Militar check point


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Needed to show passport and driver's license. They noted our information on a list but all smooth and quick..
The good news is from here on to the end of the road it's a beautiful highway in great condition. The 50ish km leading up to here were pretty rough and took about an hour longer than what our GPS said it would.

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Super nice people. Just checking who’s coming or leaving from Darien. You have to stop here when you enter to Darien also when you leave. They ask for your passport and they will check inside your van when you are leaving Darien. Had a nice chat with them about why the roads just stop at Yaviza.

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They asked me for passport and motorbike papers. 1 min check, not even sure if he really noted the numbers on his pad. No question asked. Easy. They are border police, not the army.

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We were stopped and asked to get out and go to little green booth with our passports and to tell them make and plate number of vehicle which was all recorded. We're NOT stopped on the way back.

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Bring Your pasaporte. Militar check point

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