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Small laundromat with 3 sizes of washers ranging from $3.50 to $9.50$for a 6 load. Many dryers, 1.50$ for 30 minutes. Offers fluff and fold too.


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Very nice laundry. From 3$50 for washing, 1$50 for drying.

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Very clean and neat. 2 loads 5.50$, 3 loads 7.50$ and 6 loads 9.50$. Dryers, 1.50$ for 30 minutes.

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Very good machines! Love that I can use card instead of coins!!

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This location is Boulder City Laundromat- recently remodeled. It’s pretty pricy but very nice. I paid $7.50 for a 3 load washer. 2 load is $5.50 -1 load $3.50- 6 load is $9.50. Dryers are $1.50 for 30 mins. $.25 add 6 mins. They have an ATM, change machine, WiFi, power plug in, sink for spot cleaning and restrooms. Soon to have dry cleaning services. Very clean. I would come again if it wasn’t so expensive. The parking lot is pretty small. It would be tricky to large RVs and long vans.

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Small laundromat with 3 sizes of washers ranging from $2.50 to $7.75 for a 6 load. Many dryers. Says offers fluff and fold too.

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