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Here you get the Temporary Import Papers for the Car. Open Monday to Saturday until 17h. + TIP Paraguay in front at Aduana


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desde mayo no se hacen más los trámites migratorios aqui. son en el otro punto overlander que está marcado, la policia federal

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Correct place to get yout T.I.P in or ouz

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The procedure to obtain the TIP entering from Paraguay was a bit complicated. Nobody knew the exact procedure. After 1.5 hours, we are still here waiting for the fiscal to send whatever documents.

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Brazilian aduana. For opening/ closing TIP.

Parking in front. They do take picture of your vechile, but just that.

Had to wait like 30 min to close the tip. Otherwise they're really friendly.

Working hours: weekdays 7.30 -11.30 and 13.30 - 17.30, weekends and holidays 10.00-16.00

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Entering Brazil: Before you come here, go to Immigration at the airport.
TIP took 1 hour, very friendly woman at the entrance. Together with her and her boss (she speaks a little bit english) we did all the questions (camper, money, weapons, plants, animals, ...) online at a computer at the counter.
Nobody looks inside our camper.

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We got the TIP for Brazil here. Took around one hour. The women working there were very friendly and helpful.

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it is the right place for all tip - Brazil + Paraguay !
Just in front Receita Fédéral (Br) there is Aduana (PY) for TIP to enter/exit véhicule to/from Paraguay.
go ti immigration first!

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Very friendly guy. Ended our TIP for brazil. Very easy process. Unfortunately the Aduana Paraguay is not open in the weekend so we had to wait 2 days to get our TIP for Paraguay.

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it is open on sunday too! from 10am, will post the opening hours in the photos. Entering Brazil: Go to the migration at the Airport first. Super fast and nice people, guy from the aduana spoke english.

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Open Monday to Saturday, quick and easy service, atm outside (banco do Brasil) accepts international cards.
On Sunday afternoon this parking area looks like a regular truck stop, truck drivers confirmed that is allowed and safe to stay here overnight, just a little noisy. I decided to stay at the campground north of here.

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This is the place to go when you leave Brazil and enter in Paraguay with your own car. No indication anywhere to know how to cross the borders between Brazil and Paraguay. Once you checked your car you have to check passengers at Policia Federal which office is situated inside the airport, about 800 m from here

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We were told you can also do it online on the website of the receita federal. Very friendly. You need car registration, proof of purchase, driving licence, passeport and international insurrance. Took about 15 min. Important : You need to get your entry stamp from the airport before coming here.

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Here you get the Temporary Import Papers for the Car.

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