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MODERATOR NOTE: Place removed because camping is illegal here. Signs posted and enforced


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I used this gym to shower everyday while I was there. There are definitely people sleeping here overnight without trouble even for days at a time.

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Slept here a couple times on my way down and just recently on my way out of Florida with no problem. Little noisy one night but overall felt safe and is one of the true 24/7 planet fitness locations around Florida which I appreciate on a Sunday driving late.

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the sheriff's patrol this lot now every single night between 11pm and 2am. The gym is open 24 hrs but this is no longer a viable place for an overnight. the parking lots around it are expanding for an urgent care clinic and a restaurant...I suspect the boondocking is simply no longer going to be welcome. too many people behaved very poorly and abused this option

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sadly, because people take advantage, there was yet another clearing of the lot by a team of Sherriffs. a month ago they cleared out the people in the adjacent lot and last night they cleared out the planet fitness lot as well. same problem, people LIVE in this lot, spread their crap around , leave trash and are noisy. now, it is one more place ppl cannot safely overnight in. please, come in late and leave early, wherever you stay.

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I spent a pleasant evening and night. I am a member and had a workout and shower and all was clean and not crowded. I was not bothered all night.

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planet Fitness is fine, however, there is a large parking lot across the way where a movie theatre, pizza place, etc are. many rigs, vans and cars park here. I work out at this gym every night and tonite, the Sheriff's are flushing the movie theatre parking lot by. knocking on cars and rigs, and kicking everyone out. it can seem confusing as this lot is an overflow of Planet Fitness, certainly during busy times it is, but tonite they are going vehicle to vehicle and boosting everyone. finished my workout and watching......

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There is a man that drives back and forth in a psychotic way in his extremely loud vehicle. He did this for over 3 hours and past midnight. His path took him right by this Planet Fitness. The men sure do make it miserable to be a boon/mooch docker. Curfews please! The world would be so much more pleasant. Strange man loitering in the lot when I left after midnight. I did not feel comfortable here, I left. About 6 other campers were here.

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On as dormis une nuit ici, un autre van était la aussi. Aucun problème. Un peu bruyante car la route est proche

We stay one night here. No problem. A little noisy because is near the road

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Despite the last review the area looked nice so we were going to try to stay the night. While we were sitting in our car a man kept circling the building and our car. Everytime he would stare us down. We are two female travelers and did not feel safe. We moved to a new location.

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I did not feel safe staying here as a solo female traveler and would not recommend it to other solo females, nor wold I ever stay here again. I stayed the night and while inside my van I felt safe, walking my dog after dark was scary. I’ve been doing this for awhile and this is the first time I’ve felt unsafe.

The PF showers were clean with good water pressure but I recommend parking directly in front to use them. Even parking around the corner during daylight was so problematic, I had to move.

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We stayed one night in a conversion van, very quiet and other vans and campers present. This location is open 24/7. We would definitely stay here again.

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I parked at the field across from planet fitness and I got a knock around midnight from a friendly tow truck driver.

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24 hr planet fitness 10 min away from downtown St Augustine. Showers are clean. Very nice/updated facility/friendly staff and parking lot is very big/safe area/spots on side of building to park too. There was a big RV and a smaller camper here the night we stayed.

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