Arco | Fuel Station



10 months ago
59.5 masl


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Nice big new Arco gas station. Has diesel very friendly staff.


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Nice stop! It’s an OXXO too and they are currently out of Telcel SIM cards.

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Accepted card. Bathrooms outside. Need to put 5 pesos in the slot for the turnstile to open and let you in to use it.

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Great gas station. Friendly staff. He made sure we were watching the pump when he started it and as he was pumping. He claimed they were out of regular gas when we stopped and they only had premium left. No idea if that was true but it wasn’t that much more expensive. Cash or card. Easy in and out

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Friendly, straightforward, clean, roomy gas station. Toilets present. Current price regular gas: $20.99/liter. Premium gas: $22.95/liter. Diesel: $21.69. All prices noted on 01/12/2022. Payment by cash or credit card. No issues. Good experience.

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Nice big new Arco gas station. Has diesel very friendly staff.

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