Los Padres National Forest - East Camino Cielo | Wild Camping

United States


about 1 year ago
960.0 masl


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A few turnouts up the hills in the national forest. Choose the first turnout that suits your needs. Beautiful view over Santa Barbara area if the weather is good. Can get misty the higher you go. Free.


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Best spot to camp out if you are staying in the Santa Barbara area. The hills can get really windy but there is a big pull out, which could accommodate 2 vans or a big rig, nestled in the corner where there is barely any wind. Amazing views, definitely better than the other spots up in the hills right above Santa Barbara. Do keep those hairpin corners in mind ;)

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Beautiful great view, careful when driving up! Great spots to pull off. Obviously the higher you go the more you see and the views get great of Santa a Barbra and the mountains behind you!

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a cutoff with a spectacular view, especially at night. Free. No facilities but if you have food and water, this is a wonderful spot. Enough room for three of four cars, but two times I've been here, I've had the place to myself. A bit windy each time, but worth it. You have an unobstructed view of Santa Barbara which you can see in the photos I've uploaded. Planes taking off and landing, ships out at sea, and the busy streets all lit up. Gorgeous.

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We brought our 30 foot travel trailer up here and surprisingly we were the only ones we saw with one in the 3 nights we spent there. I would be lying if I said some of the hairpin turns weren't nerve-racking getting up, but we have a truck that is rated for way more weight than we were packing up the hills, so it helped.

This specific pullout is beautiful and large enough to accommodate a van and a pull-behind. You'd be just fine with leveling blocks.

Taking it slow and wide around the corners was just fine getting here with an experience driver.

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We stayed in a couple different spots in this area. It was great to have a breeze since it blew away the billions of little flies. Sadly there is lots of used toilet paper, broken glass and other plastic garbage stuffed in between the bushes.

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There are a number of turn outs along the road. They are close to the road but this road is very lightly traveled at night. The views are fantastic but this is not isolated. There a number of spur roads but the gates were closed.
2 bars cell service.

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As described. Road has lots of good pullouts before and after this point. We spent 3 nights here including a weekend and were not bothered at all.

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Many turn-offs to choose from. We found one with a big tree that had been cut so there were many wood chips on the ground which was nice to sleep on in the tent. When we stayed it was quite misty but that added to the beauty of the place! Not very much traffic at all. You also do not need to go all the way up to where the pin is, you can choose the first one that suits you and save some gas as it gets quite steep!

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a few turnouts up the hills in the national forest
beautiful view over Santa Barbara area if the weather is good

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