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5 months ago
49.5 masl


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PCR test for crossing into Nicaragua or El Salvador (both only allow PCR at this time or a proof of vax for ES if you have it). 1.5hrs to get results. Costs $52.5 per test (today's exchange). Will accept debit card, lempiras or USD. 1250L They also provide you with 4 color copies. Open on Sundays til 4pm


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Very good service. We got results for me and my husband within 1 hour. We waited there for results. They have AC and wifi. Paid 2300 lempiras for 2. Paid by credit card

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As described. We had no problems getting through the El Espino border with our results from this clinic. They are so well known for this that they had full tourist vans stopping here for tests.

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Great info I got here in IOverlander. My test took only 40' for the result. Because I was over 60 years old, the lady charged me 1050L, 200L discount on the normal full price. They also send your result to the border you'll cross: when I arrived at El Espino next day, they already had my result on file. But I think it's never too much to take the original and a couple of copies with you. You never know when the system will be out.

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1250 lmp, results in 1h, color copies and open on Sundays til 4pm.

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security cameras out the front so make sure you park in front of their building. 1250L I paid with card, it took them a while to work it out. 1hr for results

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Also open on Sundays. 7h-12h.
results in one hour.
1250 lempiras/pers. accept Visa or Mastercard.

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Unfortunately we didn't read this before going here, and were charged over $100 USD each. I'm not sure if the last poster listed the wrong price, or if we were just ripped off. Maybe ask for an official price list before paying.

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PCR test for crossing into either ES or Nicaragua (both only allow PCR at this time or a proof of vax for ES if you have it)
1.5hrs to get results costs $52.5 per test (todays exchange) will accept debit card, lempiras or USD.

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