Paid dump at the Pilot Gas Station | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


over 1 year ago
1223.9 masl


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NOT Free!
$12.99 dump station

At the back of the West Winds truck shop, you will see a water spigot and red covering where the dump is.


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At the back to the left of the west winds truck shop! Big yellow spot on ground with red cover - there is water hose connected to building but I felt bad using it. The red cover is heavy

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The water did not work here. Possibly need to pay but didn't ask.

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NOT Free, it is $12.99 for the dump station.

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Free potable water in pump 8/7. 4/3 I asked insider and they said is drinking water

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Free dump and water. you need to pull back to the West Winds truck shop. you will see a water spigot and red covering where the dump is

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